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Shimano Custom Fit Footbed

Shimano Custom Fit Footbed
Custom Fit sole for standard rails
Custom Fit sole for curved rails
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Custom Fit insole available for all Shimano shoes! Appreciably increased comfort through individually adaptable insoles. Those avoid unpleasant compression of nerves and blood vessels, absorb shocks and increase efficiency of force.

Following models are compatible with Custom Fit insole for anatomically curved last:
Road: SH-R105, SH-R106, SH-R132, SH-R133, SH-R190, SH-R240, SH-R300, SH-R310, SH-R315
Women's Road: SH-WR60, SH-WR61, SH-WR81
MTB: SH-M240, SH-M300, SH-M310, SH-M315

Following models are compatible with Custom Fit insole for standard last:
Road: SH-R063, SH-R076, SH-R077, SH-R086, SH-R087, SH-RW80
Women's Road: SH-WR31, SH-WR40, SH-WR41
Triathlon: SH-TR31, SH-TR52, SH-TR70, SH-TR71, SH-WT51, SH-WT52
Road-Touring: SH-RT31, SH-RT52, SH-RT81
MTB: SH-M063, SH-M076, SH-M077, SH-M086, SH-M087, SH-M123, SH-M161, SH-M183, SH-M183N, SH-M230, SH-MW80
Women's MTB: SH-WM41, SH-WM50, SH-WM61, SH-WM81
MTB-Touring: SH-MT22, SH-MT32, SH-MT33, SH-MT42, SH-MT52, SH-MT53, SH-MT60, SH-MT71, SH-MT91
All Mountain: SH-AM31, SH-AM40, SH-AM41, SH-AM51
Indoor Cycling: SH-FN23, SH-FN51, SH-WF23

Custom-Fit Technology: perfectly adapts to each individual foot shape. Custom-Fit insoles eliminate spaces and irregular contacts to create a racing shoe that offers a better fit. The result is better power transfer, endurance, and overall performance.

The individual fitting of the inner sole can be customized in our BIKE24 Store! You can also just use Shimano's Custom-Fit shoes without individual thermoplastic fitting.
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Product Name:Shimano Custom Fit Footbed
Item Code:SHI112664
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