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Sigma Sport ROX 8.1 Cycle Computer + Heart Rate Monitor

Sigma Sport ROX 8.1 Cycle Computer + Heart Rate Monitor
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Sigma Sport
With the new ROX 8.1 Sigma extends the range of functions of the popular ROX 8.0. It's a true high-end bicycle computer for all, who love the variety of information whether on the bike or on the computer. Despite the diversity of features Sigma Sport remains faithfully to their simple and clear line. Be curious and inspired by a brand-new high-end bicycle computer.

For a sucessful training the measurement of power is very important. The Sigma ROX 8.1 shows the athlete all performance information at a glance. Based on Sigma's Power formula the ROX 8.1 calculates the cyclist's power in the number of watts.
Beside altitude, gradient and temperature are measured. Because of the digital coded 3-channel radio transmission STS the use of several sensors for pulse, speed and cadence is possible. A PC based evaluation of the single storages and the total value is possible with the optional available Sigma Sport Docking Station and software. But a chart based trip data scoring as for the ROX 9.1 isn't available.

STS 3-bus-radio transmission
Digital coded and simultaneous transmission of speed, cadence and heart rate to integrated receiver.
STS is not compatible with the DTS system!

IAC height calibration
The IAC (Intelligent Altitude Calibration) offers 3 different ways of height calibration. The calibration by the current altitude, by three starting heights and by the atmospheric pressure reduced to sea level.

The new Power-Formula
The new power formula by SIGMA calculates the cyclist’s power in the number of watts required to move the bike rather than the power asserted on the pedals. The watts are calculated using: Bike type and position, bike and rider weight, rider height, shoulder width, speed, incline and cadence.

The ROX 8.1 measures the Expansion based on the simple formula of wheel size multiplied with the gear ratio. The gear ratio depends on the chainring and on the cog teeth. It shows what distance is covered with a single crank revolution.

General functions

  • Language setting, 5 languages
  • LCD backlight
  • Low battery indicator (receiver/transmitter)
  • 2 adjustable wheel sizes
  • Automatic detection of the second bike
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Alarm sound can be switched on/off
  • Adjustable volume
  • Watertight
  • Mount for handle bars and stem
  • Intergrated storage chip for data backup
  • UFSB compatible

Bike functions

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip distance
  • Current/Average speed comparison
  • Programmable trip section counter up & back

Cadence functions

  • Current cadence
  • Average cadence
  • Maximum cadence

Heart rate functions (ECG-accurate)

  • Current heart rate
  • Average heart rate
  • Maximum heart rate
  • 3 heart rate zones
  • Audible zone alarm
  • HR in % of HR max
  • Graphic display of HR zones
  • Kcal
  • Time in the HR zone(s)


  • Current power
  • Average power
  • Maximum power
  • Current expansion
  • Average expansion
  • Average expansion uphill

Time functions

  • Date
  • Time (12/24 h)
  • Stopwatch
  • Trip time
  • Alarm clock
  • Countdown timer

Temperature functions

  • Current temperature
  • Minimum temperature
  • Maximum temperature

Altitude measurement functions

  • Current altitude
  • Calibration via current altitude
  • Calibration via home altitude
  • Calibration via aire pressure reduced to sea level

Uphill/Downhill functions

  • Day's climb uphill/downhill
  • Day's maximum altitude
  • Trip distance uphill/downhill
  • Average speed uphill/downhill
  • Rate of ascent (m/min) uphill/downhill
  • Maximum rate of ascent uphill/downhill
  • Ø-incline uphill/downhill
  • Maximum incline uphill/downhill

Favorite functions

  • Favorite A (10 favorites selectable)
  • Favorite B (10 favorites selectable)

Total values with Bike 1 / Bike 2 / Bike 1+2

  • Total distance
  • Total ride time
  • Total altitude uphill
  • Maximum altitude
  • Total distance uphill
  • Total ride time uphill
  • Total altitude difference downhill
  • Total distance downhill
  • Total ride time downhill
  • Total Kcal

PC Interface/Memory functions

  • PC interface (optional)
  • Transfer by USB (optional)
  • Docking Station (optional)
  • Transfering the settings to cycle computer
  • 7 trip memory

Software Data-Center functions

  • Individual memory evaluation
  • Comparison of 2 individual memories
  • Summary of total value
  • Battery status display (optional)
  • Setting computer via PC (optional)
  • Synchronization manager
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Calender function
  • Print all evalutions
  • Note function

USB Docking Station and PC-Software Data Center 2.1 are not included in the delivery!
Fact Sheet
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Product Name:Sigma Sport ROX 8.1 Cycle Computer + Heart Rate Monitor
Manufacturer:Sigma Sport
Item Code:SIG124740
Included in delivery:incl. mounting material, ROX 8.1 wireless transmitter for speed and cadence (STS), R1 COMFORTEX+ heart rate transmitter belt (STS), spoke magnet
Speciality:STS Sigma Transmission System, IAC height calibration
Fact Sheet
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