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Westberg Energy Tea Blutorange - 500g Box

Westberg Energy Tea Blutorange - 500g Box
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The Westberg Iso Tea with blood orange-flavor is an isotonic Rooibos tea drink with carbohydrates and sodium (salt). Isotonic means the drink has the same number of dissolved particles on how our blood and can be very quickly absorbed by the body. Because of that the energy supply is very fast.
  • Enjoy hot or cold.
  • Supplies warm energy at the cold season.
  • Rooibos - tea is especially compatible, as it contains no caffeine and no tannins.
  • The high mineral content of rooibos tea is especially important for athletes.
  • Covers the fluid and carbohydrate needs during physical activity.
  • Covers the sodium requirement in winter.
  • Good compatibility to the stomach, because no addition of fructose, caffeine and artificial sweetener.

Who should take Westberg Energy Tea Drink?
Athletes who expose themselve in cold weather in a training or competition, which takes longer than 45min. From this point, the loss of fluid, minerals and carbohydrates should be replaced. Depending on the load intensity, the body requires different amounts of nutrients.

Dissolve 50 grams in 500ml of water. During a workout, drink some sip every 15 minutes.
The nutritional data displayed in fact sheet refers to 50g.
Fact Sheet
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Product Name:Westberg Energy Tea Blutorange - 500g Box
Item Code:WBG158975
Content:500 g
Results in altogether:ca. 5 liter
Flavour:blood orange
Energy:790kJ / 186kcal (per serving)
Carbohydrate:45g, of which sugars: 27g (per serving)
Minerals:sodium: 0,3g, calcium: 76mg, potassium: 138mg, magnesium: 29mg (per serving)
Ingredients:sucrose (sugar), maltodextrin, acidifier citric acid, rooibos tea extract, 2%, flavor, trisodium citrate, tripotassium citrate, tricalcium citrate, salt, magnesium, silicon dioxide
Fact Sheet
Ratings (1)
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Customer Reviews

Dec. 11th 2013

Schmeckt super lecker ! Endlich einen warmen isotonischen Tee im Trinkgurt beim Skilanglauf, und kein warmgemachtes Sommer-Sportgetränk... :-)