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Arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers: ideal for cycling in changeable weather

Everybody knows it - when you look outside and stand in front of your own bike wardrobe wondering which gear to choose. It's still a bit too fresh to put on your summer outfit right away, but in the course of your tour too much apparel on your body can make you sweat. That‘s when arm, leg and knee warmers come into play - the perfect addition to your outfit in changing weather conditions. Discover merino arm warmers, waterproof leg warmers and many more functional companions for more comfort and riding fun! Read more

Especially in spring and autumn the temperatures are not where they should be or you get an odd shower or two. But that's not an excuse - to feel comfortable on the road, MTB or during any other cycling adventure these lightweight companions should always be part of your gear.

Warmers and sleeves close the gap with an abundance of functions and in different designs without any problems. For example, an arm or leg warmer can be put on quickly and is an easily packable and lightweight alternative to a second outfit - perfect for changeable weather.

Speaking of lightweight: especially when riding a road bike, arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers are  indispensable, because every gram counts and you want to get the most out of yourself in adverse conditions. The same goes for MTB enthusiasts: if you want to be the first on the trail you have to get up early and possibly accept low temperatures - as a reward, there are free trails waiting for you and you can really enjoy your ride to its fullest. 

For maximum functionality when cycling: arm, leg and knee warmers

The most important thing when using cycling accessories is a good fit. The fabric as well as it seams and cuffs should be as close to your body as possible without slipping. This is ensured by rubber coatings on the inside, so-called grippers. The use of elastic fabrics also contributes to a comfortable fit. In many cases so-called 4-way stretch fabric is used allowing for unrestricted freedom of movement.

Cycling accessories should not cut into skin when worn, while at the same time must not be too loose. 

Make sure that no fabric wrinkles especially in those sensitive parts of the body where pleasant wearing comfort is important such as underarms, knees and elbows. This risk is particularly present in very robust, well-warming models with slightly thicker fabrics for additional warmth. Bicycle arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers provide pleasant warmth when outside temperatures are low. In addition, light companions can also offer further advantages:

  • windproof, waterproof or protection against excessive solar radiation
  • higher visibility through reflective details
  • good moisture management thanks to sweat-absorbing properties
  • quick-drying, when processing corresponding fibres
  • compression effect for fast recovery after intensive muscle stress

You often wear arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers on your body for several hours, so special attention should be paid to permanent wearing comfort. Information about the fit has already been given to you. By using blends of natural fibres such as merino and synthetic fibres, e.g. polyester, textile accessories are given a comfortable feel.

Of course you should also feel good on the inside right next to your skin, even on the last ascent at the end of a tour lasting several hours or after the tenth wash you want high-wearing comfort. This pleasant feeling is created, among other things, by roughening the inside material. Eventually you want to concentrate on your ride and not have to deal with pinching and twitching of cloth.

Which functions are important to you when it comes to arm, leg and knee warmers?

Bottom line is that arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers are an excellent alternative to change clothing for your road bike or MTB rides during season transition - and you decide which features you need.

Heat-regulating properties of these lightweight warmers are not only effective in cool outside temperatures, but also during rapid and long descents against wind chill. In the end, it depends on your plans which other functions your road bike arm warmers or MTB leg warmers should have. Basically they are ideal for any bike. From UV protection to increased visibility in the dark to compression, you can rely on a variety of useful features during and after your ride. 

Find your cycling accessory and discover a wide range of arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers with different features at the BIKE24 online shop.