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The ideal cycling jackets for men and women

Passionate bikers aren’t deterred by rain, wind or cold – making the right clothing all the more important. So BIKE24 has cycling jackets and cycling vests for every weather and time of year, with the latest technology and materials providing both breathability and weather protection. But remember: your cycling jacket must meet your requirements. We give you the low-down. Read more

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Why Buy a Special Waterproof Cycling Jacket?

Cycling jackets are functional, meaning they are windproof/wind resistant and waterproof/water repellent. But a waterproof/windproof jacket for riding your bicycle needs to be more than that. The fit is the main thing: the longer back and stretchy waist give you room to move properly. Special men’s and women’s waterproof cycling jackets are adapted to the respective body shapes. The sleeves usually cover the backs of the hands, protecting against wet, cold and wind.

Your waterproof cycling jacket also needs to be easy to carry. Practical jacket pockets are good for stowing your smart phone etc., and many models have reflectors.

Waterproof Cycling Jackets for Winter, Wind and Rain – What Are the Differences?

You mostly need a cycling jacket in winter, rain or stormy weather. Before deciding, you need to know what you need a cycling jacket for.

Waterproof cycling jackets and cycling vests can have a loose or snug fit for both men and women. Road riders and racing cyclists prefer a tighter fit, so the jacket doesn’t flap and create wind resistance or even brake umbrella-style. Off-roaders on gravel bikes and mountain bikes are better off with a looser fit: this makes for high agility and there is enough room for additional protectors.

Windproof Cycling Jackets: Reliable Lightweight Protection

So you’ve given it your all and reached the top with plenty of sweat and maybe a few tears? This is when a windproof/wind resistant cycling jacket keeps the chill out, making the descent a real joy. Many models have an integral breathable membrane and are wind resistant. In a handy pack and super light, a bike windbreaker jacket goes anywhere – even in your jersey pocket.

For relatively calm days, all you really need is a wind resistant jacket. It’s really light but doesn’t stop the wind completely. A windproof cycling jacket gives you great protection from the airstream and chill on stormy days.

Waterproof Cycling Jackets for Rainy or Stormy Weather

Still need to cycle in the rain? The right rain jacket makes it fun. The biggest challenge for any waterproof cycling jacket is that it has to be both breathable and waterproof. The solution: micropores in the material keeping rainwater out but wicking condensation away. And the zips have to withstand the rain, and are either taped or welded.

When is a jacket waterproof and when is it water repellent? The “water column“ measuring system will tell you. From 8000 mm on the water column, your rain jacket is considered waterproof – below that, from approx. 4000 mm, it’s only water repellent. If you’re often out in heavy rain or strong wind, it’s worth investing in a waterproof cycling jacket. The airstream increases the pressure the water exerts on the material, and only a waterproof cycling jacket will stay truly watertight.

Want to be out on your bike in all weathers? Then kit yourself out with extra bike wear like rain pants, bike shoe covers or cycling gloves with water protection.

Thermal Jacket – a Waterproof Cycling Jacket for Winter

Still keen to get out on your bike in sub-zero temperatures? Luckily, BIKE24 has winter cycling jackets, protecting you from the chill even when it’s sub-zero. This is thanks to an insulating layer inside the cycling jacket. This could be a fleece liner with a brushed outer. Jackets are also breathable, windproof and wind resistant. This makes extended runs on cold days a real pleasure – and a mountain bike tour in the snowy mountains isn’t out of the question, either.

Softshell Jacket – the All-Round Waterproof Cycling Jacket

A softshell jacket is big on comfort and all-round weather protection all in one. The flexible stretch fabric makes for a comfortable fit and gives you maximum freedom of movement.

A softshell jacket might not be the best choice for heavy rain or ice and snow trails, but it offers great everyday protection in changeable weather. Available as breathable, windproof/wind resistant and water repellent versions, it’s your perfect everyday cycling companion.

Cycling Vests – Perfect for Summer

When it’s too hot for a cycling jacket, it’s time for a cycling vest. It’s suitable for cycling tours in summer or hot regions with little risk of rain. It gives you great wind protection against the airstream in high summer and helps retain a little heat on mountain stages. A cycling vest is also light and stowable in small spaces – so you can always take it with you just in case.

Men’s and Women’s Cycling Jackets and Cycling Vests: The Differences

Whether you choose a men’s or women’s cycling jacket has no impact on functionality. Models are only tailored to the anatomy of each gender in terms of fit and size. So make sure that your favourite men’s or women’s waterproof cycling jacket is suitable and be certain that it really does fit you well.

Style also comes into your choice, obviously. Men’s and women’s waterproof cycling jackets generally tailored to gender-specific preferences in terms of design and colour. The BIKE24 range offers a huge choice of waterproof cycling jackets for men, women and children, so we’re bound to have something that suits your taste.

Find Your Perfect Cycling Jacket at BIKE24!

The perfect waterproof cycling jacket arms you against every eventuality on your next bike ride. Dirt, rain, wind and cold – you have the best protection there is against it all.