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Find Your Perfect Cycling Jersey at BIKE24

The choice of cycling jerseys can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Fit and function are the most important aspects of any cycling top – they literally need to be fit for purpose: are you a speed-loving racer, a laid-back mountain biker or bicycle touring rider? Comfort is crucial for cycling – so you need to feel really good in your cycling jersey. And of course your personal preferences are also a factor when choosing. Read more

Why a cycling jersey?

Unlike a simple tee shirt, a cycling jersey has specific functional qualities , making it the ideal cycling garment. The fit is adapted to typical cycling movements. Cycling jerseys are suitable for both ambitious cycle racing and leisure cycling. Bike jerseys with zip, collar and pockets are particularly comfortable and practical.

Functional cycling gear: Materials

Functionality is really important for sports clothing: cycling jersey material needs to be elastic, giving the cyclist plenty of free movement. But it’s just as important that the material is breathable. This wicks moisture away from the skin. So, even in an intense training session, you are really well protected against the cold.

Temperature regulation is also a factor. Whether you are cycling on chilly or hot days, your body should not cool down too much or overheat. Therefore cycling jerseys are available for the summer - made of very light material or as thermal jerseys for the winter. Insulating layers such as fleece protect against the cold and the wet, and a wind-proof membrane in front keeps out the cold airflow. There are even cycling tops with UV protection, reducing the risk of sunburn.

 Cycling jerseys must practical, too: rear pockets on a cycling top can store water bottles and energy bars, MTB jerseys often have zip pockets for your keys or pass. Hi-vis colours and reflective elements on a jersey keep you visible on the road, especially to other traffic. Bright cycling tops are also available alongside the more subtle black or white cycling tops, making a splash with a retro look or funny design, for example.

Purpose and preference: Your cycling jersey fit

Most bike jerseys are shorter at the front and slightly longer at the back. This means there are no annoying folds on your stomach when you’re leaning forward on your bike and your lower back still remains covered. There are other styles for road cyclists, mountain bikers and leisure cyclists.

Classic racing jerseys for high speed fans

Every second counts for setting new records, and a baggy shirt will slow you down. So racing jerseys are really slim-fitting. They swathe your upper body like a second skin, creating minimal wind resistance.

Cycling jerseys for road cyclists often come with a zip, so you can don them quickly in spite of the tight fit. The zip closes the jersey right up to the neck, blocking the airstream. To prevent air pockets forming under the jersey, bands on the on the sleeves and back are usually made of elastic material or have silicon strips.

Laid-back trail bike jersey

An MTB jersey has a more relaxed fit: plenty of freedom of movement is the priority here. And the loose fit allows for wearing additional protection underneath. Alongside white and black cycling tops, lots of jerseys have stylish designs and striking colours. Many mountain bikers like to hit the trail wearing their own individual style, whether that’s a retro bike jersey or a brightly coloured cycling top.

A comfy MTB jersey goes really well with matching MTB cycling shorts. Compared to road jerseys, for which you will also find the ideal shorts at BIKE24, MTB jerseys are made of much tougher material, giving riders maximum protection, even when riding through sticks and stones. An aerodynamic shape for competition cyclists as opposed to durability and freedom of movement for mountain bikers also differentiates one from the other pair of bike shorts or pants.

Short- or long-sleeve jersey?

It is not always so easy to decide whether to go for a jersey with long or short sleeves for cycling. It’s all about your personal comfort and the weather, obviously. A long-sleeved jersey is good for low temperatures, but will also protect you when the sun is beating down in high summer. And it can also reduce pressure points and skin abrasions when you rest your arms on the aero bar respectively arm rests of your triathlon or time trial bike, for example.

Short-sleeved cycling jerseys go really well with arm sleeves or light bike jackets and vests, adapting to current temperatures and weather conditions.

Men’s and women’s cycling jerseys

Men’s cycling jerseys have a different design to women’s cycling jerseys, as men and women simply have different anatomies. Women’s cycling jerseys are wider at the chest and even narrower at the waist. The shoulder area is also narrower. So, you need to choose the right cycling jersey for your gender, as the fit provides the best support for performance for the male or female rider.

Caring for your cycling jersey

You should wash your jersey every time you use it, ideally in the machine. To be on the safe side, a gentle wash at 30° C is recommended. Important: never use fabric softener, as it can damage the fibers of the functional material. And cycling jerseys don’t tolerate the tumble dryer very well, either.

Special textile care will help you keep fabrics breathable and brightly coloured for longer.