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Cycling Socks – Mountain and Road Riding Socks for Plenty of Pressure on the Pedals

Regardless of whether you are taking on a tour of the Alps or riding along a trail in a local bike park, you don’t want to leave home without your bike socks. They are an essential item of clothing for any cyclist. So how do cycling socks differ from regular socks? What are the differences between road bike socks and MTB socks? We have summarised all the facts on one page for you. Read more

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What Are Bike Socks and What Makes Them So Unique?

All sports socks are the same – or at least that’s how it may seem at first glance. Although if you take a closer look, it quickly becomes clear that there are considerable differences between the various sock categories. Hiking socks, for instance, are designed to protect your feet from forming blisters on long walks. Compression socks are thought to slow down muscle fatigue while running. And bike socks also play an all-important role for cyclists. Firstly, they should perfectly adjust to the anatomy of one’s foot and are as light as possible so that you can barely feel them when you’re in the saddle. Secondly, they should be as breathable as possible, so that your feet do not sweat in your cycling shoes. What’s more, special designs are also available for rainy or cold days. These, too, should be as breathable as possible, as well as insulated on the inside so that your feet don’t feel the chill on your ride.

What Makes Special Road Bike Socks Stand Out?

Bicycle socks are available in different designs. The various bike sock designs also differ in terms of their intended use. On the one hand, we have specific road bike socks; on the other hand we have mountain bike socks or MTB socks, which form their own category. When it came to designing road bike socks, efforts were made to make them as lightweight and breathable as possible. They are predominantly made of a fine and lightweight material, which is comfortable to wear on your road bike. The sole of the sock is also thinner, so that you feel as little resistance as possible when pedaling. Resistance is also an important point in this respect: cyclists tend to wear long road bike socks during competitions in order to improve aerodynamics.
 Specialist materials are used in these socks, which reduces air resistance compared to bare skin. In recent years, road bike socks have also become a great way to add a touch of style to your cycling kit. Hashtags such as #sockgame or #sockgamestrong have been doing the rounds on platforms such as Instagram for a number of years. These also feature photos of stylish and rather creatively designed road bicycle socks.

What Makes Special MTB Socks Stand Out?

MTB socks have also become a way for many cyclists to round off their stylish cycling kit. However, they also need to meet specific off-road functions. In contrast to road bike socks, mountain bike socks are generally more robust and accordingly designed for use on mountain bike rides with challenging terrain. They feature non-slip soles as well as reinforced sections for your toes and heels, to protect you against being injured. The design of the sock has also been developed with improved grip on the shoe in mind. As such, the socks do not slide when you are in the pedals and you can focus on what matters: cycling.

What Materials Are Road Bike Socks and MTB Socks Made Of?

We are already aware of their high demands: both road bike socks and MTB socks need to be highly functional. High-quality bike socks are therefore not simply made of cotton, but of high-performance fibres, which can also be found in other high-end cycling clothing. Worth mentioning here are the hard-wearing synthetic fibre polyamide, the elastic materials spandex and Lycra as well as textiles such as Thermolite® and merino wool, which offer superior warmth. Bicycle socks made of extra warm materials are especially aimed at all-season cyclists. These so-called winter cycling socks, are extra thick lined for that extra bit of insulation. Waterproof cycling socks can also make the difference in extreme weather conditions, for example, during a transalp or a muddy cyclocross race.

Mesh inserts are also provided in many cycling socks in order to promote breathability. When it comes to the design of bike socks, they feature very flat seams to prevent rubbing in cycling shoes. Regardless of whether you are looking for road bike socks, MTB socks or bike socks for tours: at BIKE24, you will find a large selection of different sock designs as well as a broad range of colours and sizes.

Summary: Five Typical Characteristics of Bike Socks

  • Specific bike socks ensure a comfortable fit for your foot in your cycling shoe and prevent any undesired pressure points.
  • They are breathable and wick moisture away when you are pedaling hard.
  • Road bike socks and mountain bicycle socks meet different demands. Road bike socks are designed to be as light as possible, whereas mountain bike socks aim to offer more protection to your feet.
  • In the summer, cycling socks should cool you down, whereas they should keep you warm in the cooler months.
  • Lots of professional cyclists’ regard bike socks as an eye-catching style element of their cycling clothing.