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absoluteBLACK – Try absoluteBLACK OVAL and never look back

absoluteBLACK is the largest manufacturer of oval chainrings for mountain bikes and road bikes and can boast years of experience in this field. absoluteBLACK produces the highest quality, most beautiful and technically mature oval chainrings on the market and is characterized by a flawless attention to detail. » Read more

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The World's most sought after OVAL chainrings. True European products.

absoluteBLACK was founded in London by the Polish engineer Marcin Golem, himself a passionate mountain biker, and produces light and stiff chainrings for MTB, road bikes and cyclocross bikes. The special thing about absoluteBLACK chainrings is their unique, unmistakable oval design.

absoluteBLACK is dedicated to creating parts that work great and have a long life and an exceptional design inherent in them. The development and production takes place entirely in Europe. All metal parts are manufactured in the Polish factory in Opole; the aluminium for them is sourced from Germany. The chainrings are then expertly anodised in the United Kingdom.

Why oval chainrings?

To answer the question, you have to understand how the pedal stroke on the crank is done. It may seem illogical at first, but a round chainring does not transmit the force as smoothly and 'roundly' to the rear wheel as an oval chainring.
There is basically only a small window in which the cyclist can apply maximum power to the pedal. This is located with the crank arm at 3 to 5 o'clock. In all other positions the leg muscles are inefficient and not able to bring optimal power to the pedal. With the crank arm at 6 o'clock, the rider hardly applies force to the pedal, even has to apply additional force to overcome the dead spot, the cadence slows down.
It is therefore physiologically impossible to apply the same amount of force at every point over the entire crank revolution; the pedal stroke is "unround".
absoluteBLACK Premium Oval Chainrings are optimized by their oval shape in such a way that they have the largest diameter at the point where the rider is physiologically able to exert most force on the pedal - at around 4 o'clock - in order to transfer the greatest force to the rear wheel. If, on the other hand, the crank arm is at 6 o'clock, the diameter is the smallest; the force required to exceed this dead center is reduced. Oval chainrings thus support the natural human physiology and, although it may seem illogical at first, ensure a rounder, more even stroke. Oval chainrings can also have a positive effect on fatigue or even knee problems.
Due to the oval shape there are no massive chain or rear derailleur movements. Likewise, any standard front derailleur with absoluteBLACK chainrings can be used.

The shape and timing of the diameter is the most crucial point in oval chainrings. absoluteBLACK has invested more than 3 years of research and development in oval chainrings and was the first company to make oval chainrings popular for the best possible efficiency and great adventures on the bike.