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AKU Boots – Tradition & Innovation Stylishly Combined

Whether they are for trekking, hiking, relaxed walks through mountain panoramas or everyday life in the urban jungle: AKU boots for men and women are an excellent choice for any track or trail. The Italian footwear company combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and innovative manufacturing to produce authentic, waterproof, comfortable footwear for all outdoor challenges.

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AKU Hiking Boots: Authenticity from North-East Italy

AKU boots are partly the reason why the region around the city of Montebelluna is considered the shoe metropolis of Italy. After all, the traditional brand’s headquarters have always been located in the pretty little town. Its charisma also attracted other shoe manufacturers, so the company has renowned competition in its immediate vicinity. But the shoe enthusiasts at AKU don't let that deter them from their mission to make authentic footwear for every outdoor adventure.

AKU hiking boots for women and AKU hiking shoes for men benefit significantly from their mix of tradition and modernity. The production steps, some of which are carried out by hand, make the shoes extremely durable and particularly robust


The company’s own Air System is responsible for the shoes’ impressive breathability. This was developed to make the upper breathable and light. All AKU shoes for men and women ensure an optimal foot climate, no matter what outdoor adventure you are on, whether it’s a sweaty climb to the summit or a casual weekend hike.


When it comes to cushioning hardness, you can also choose AKU shoes with suitable hardness levels for all activities. This is due to the special sole technology used in all models. You get noticeably better support thanks to the flexible insole, which distributes pressure evenly while walking. This guarantees you a safe step at all times, whether you are going up hill or down dale.

For The Environment’s Sake: AKU Shoes for Women and Men Focus on Sustainability

Marketing materials, packaging, waste, production sites and processes, raw materials used – there are many different approaches to making footwear more sustainable. The Italians recognise this and are pulling out all the stops to ensure that AKU shoes are produced in as green a way as possible. The manufacturer monitors all measures and is launching new approaches under the banner of the ‘AFM’ project – the abbreviation stands for ‘AKU For Mountain’.


At the company headquarters, for example, all industrial waste is meticulously separated so that as much of it as possible can be reused. The packaging material for all AKU boots for men and women is also made of recycled paper wherever possible. In the case of marketing items, the scheme has already been fully implemented – they are produced entirely from environmentally friendly materials.


All hiking boots from the Italian house are made on the European continent. The philosophy behind this is clear: If you want to maintain full control over all aspects and processes, you have to be on site. In addition to its headquarters in Italy, the shoe brand also has factories in Romania. Strict attention is paid to self-imposed quality and sustainability standards at all locations.


In addition to these strict sustainability aspects, the brand is also strongly committed to fair, safe working conditions. Through regular inspections and tests, all employees can be guaranteed occupational safety in accordance with high European standards.

AKU MINIMA – For the Environment’s Sake

AKU MINIMA is one of AKU shoes’ very special product lines. It is fully committed to environmental protection and maximum resource conservation. Both the upper leather and the lining of the shoes come from sustainable production. For this, chrome and heavy metals, which are usually used in tanning, are completely dispensed with. In addition, they are completely carbon-neutral, as a special reforestation programme compensates for all emissions produced.


When it comes to design, the traditional Italian brand has taken its cue from modern sneakers. The result is a stylish look that is perfect to wear in everyday urban life and combine with your existing wardrobe. In parallel with its sustainable shoe line, the brand has trees planted to offset carbon emissions generated during production to net zero.


The footwear company is also taking this sustainable approach further for all its models. Every AKU BELLAMONT, for example, has its lining and outsole made from recycled or petroleum-free materials. The Gore-Tex laminate uses 99% recycled yarn and the midsole uses 20% recycled material.


AKU Walking Boots – Footwear with a Love for the Mountains

AKU boots are one of the best ways to treat your feet on trekking and hiking tours. The premium shoes are full of modern technologies, innovative solutions and genuine craftsmanship. At the same time, the footwear company takes sustainability and environmental protection seriously and is actively changing its processes to become a greener company. For you, this means: excellent footwear manufactured in a resource-conserving manner to the highest quality standards.