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CUBE Children's Bikes

Thanks to their age-appropriate designs and well thought out safety features, CUBE children's bikes are the perfect choice for kids who are just discovering the world of cycling. From balance bikes to city bikes and mountain bikes: A CUBE children's bike promises enjoyable riding for kids of all ages. Start planning your big family tour. The adventure starts now!

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CUBE Bikes for Children

CUBE offers children's bikes that will quickly inspire a love of cycling, even starting from a very young age. With the CUBE Cubie balance bike in a retro design, boys and girls can emulate their parents and make their first attempts at riding on two wheels. They can playfully develop their ability to balance and prepare for a lifetime of cycling. The low entry and seat design ensures safety at all times.

Anyone old enough to pedal is well served with a bright CUBE Cubie 160 or the CUBE Kid 200. The chain is well protected so that little ones won't come into contact with it. The easy-to-use rim brakes are also suitable for smaller children's hands, so that your child is always safe on the move. The extremely robust frame also contributes to exceptional safety. Individual parts and CUBE children's bike accessories can usually be exchanged easily. So an accidental fall won’t result in expensive repairs. The CUBE Kid 200 is also equipped with a smooth 7-speed gear shift from Shimano.

CUBE Mountain Bikes for Children

If you are regularly seen on a mountain bike, sooner or later your child will want to do the same. With a children's bike like the CUBE Acid 200 they will be ready to get in the saddle. The CUBE children's bike offers young mountain bike fans the ideal start and will be a reliable companion for their first off-road tours.

Due to its low weight and agile construction, it can be handled effortlessly. The slim handlebar is also perfect for children's hands. This model is also available as a CUBE e-mountain bike for the first steps into e-mobility.

CUBE Children's Bikes for Teenagers

To begin with, CUBE children's bicycles will be the perfect option. However, at some point a larger model will be needed. Before getting on an adult bike, a CUBE bike for teenagers is recommended, depending on their height. For example, shorter mountain bikers will find that the CUBE Reaction C:62 Rookie is ideal. It's light, fast, and stable. Alternatively, the best idea for older teenagers is to grab a CUBE mountain bike for adults or other bikes from the CUBE range.