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Innovative, Eco-Friendly Apparel from DeFeet

Since the early 1990s, DeFeet have worked tirelessly to overthrow the traditional white cycling sock, offering something more durable and efficient as a replacement. Using a new Coolmax mesh weave, their socks were designed to wick moisture away, so your feet stay dry throughout a ride. By 1994, pro-cyclist Greg LeMond had noticed the brand and requested a sock with a long cuff for protection against muddy trails in the Spring Classics. DeFeet socks soon went from strength to strength, branching out into gloves and leg warmers, all produced using ethical, eco-friendly processes.

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Comfort and Functionality on The Road

We have a great selection of DeFeet socks and gloves, to keep you focused, dexterous and warm on the trail. Each item has been designed and produced in the USA using the brand's signature eco-blend material. Of course, if you’re into running and other outdoor aerobic sports, they’ll be just as handy. If you ride with your smartphone on your bike for navigation or staying in touch, their gloves are ideal. Not only are they compatible with your smartphone screen, but the palms and fingers have no-slip grips.

DeFeet Socks with Stay Up Power and Breathability

Covering up your legs whilst riding prevents them from being affected by a low ambient temperature and wind chill. Choosing the DeFeet Aireator 6 socks gives you an extra six inches of coverage against the cold, as well as splashes that hit you from the road. Made from recycled polyester, lycra and nylon, they have a thin profile and are great for year-round use. Over the top, there’s an open mesh weave that ensures there is plenty of ventilation and gives your feet room to breathe. As they’re air permeable, moisture is wicked away to prevent dampness from becoming a problem. Choose Aireators with a double-cuff to reliably keep these socks in place, but also to provide compression support for your ankle.

Choose a Classic Shorter Sock

Riders who prefer a shorter sock can take a look at our DeFeet socks in three and five-inch lengths. These endurance Aireators include the same level of ventilation and comfort, without the additional rise. Short-length cycling socks are the classic choice, they look neat and won’t give you an odd-looking tan line. They tend to be a perennial favorite with mountain bikers and a summer staple for everyone else. Like the brand's larger versions, the DeFeet Aireator 5 socks are made with eco-conscious Coolmax EcoMade technology. Produced from 100% recycled materials they are kinder on the environment whilst working to keep the feet cool and dry.

Cutting-Edge Fibres and Imperceptible Seams

If you’re looking for a pair of DeFeet socks to keep the dust off your legs during a dry ride, look no further than the Levitator sock line. They’ve also been made from an eco-friendly fabric blend, containing both Repreve and Sorbtek yarns. These fibres are designed to wick moisture away and cause it to evaporate quickly, leaving your feet feeling dry. To prevent a build-up of odors, they allow the skin to breathe and have antimicrobial properties. To offer a higher degree of comfort, the seams are almost impossible to detect once the Levitators are on your foot.

Lightweight Oversocks For Tougher Conditions

There’s a huge difference in weight between oversocks and overshoes, so if you want a lighter way of protecting yourself from the cold, try the DeFeet Slipstreams. They will insulate your feet and lower leg against harsh conditions, so you can concentrate on your performance during longer rides. They are also simple to remove and store away in your pack when you don’t need them. As well as having supportive heel zones, these oversocks have a guide to help you cut the perfect cleat.

Performance Clothing that Boasts Green Credentials

DeFeet have worked with eco-friendly fabric manufacturers around the USA to bring cyclists robust, innovative apparel. From socks to gloves and knee warmers their products make being on the trail a more comfortable experience.