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FOX Racing – Made for Mountainbike – the new Defend, Ranger & Flexair Collections

FOX brings a breath of fresh air to its MTB collection for men and women. Defend stands for robust, Kevlar-reinforced apparel, Ranger comes up with versatility and Flexair focuses on low weight and maximum breathability. The unique: The designs and colors are cross-line, so that jerseys, shorts and gloves can be combined according to preference.

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Made for your Ride – Your Trail. Your Conditions. Your Terms.

Whether Downhill, All Mountain or Cross Country - there is a separate clothing line for each discipline. In the bike wear industry this is the name of the game. FOX has completely revised its mountain bike collections Defend, Ranger and Flexair for women and men for 2019 and says goodbye to pigeonhole thinking. No matter what and no matter where you ride - only you decide what you wear. The designs and colors of the different collections are cross-line so that you can match your shirts, shorts and gloves perfectly. You want to combine a robust downhill short with a light and airy trail jersey? No problem with the new Defend, Ranger & Flexair Bike Wear.

Bike wear for tough boys and girls: FOX Racing DEFEND – Tougher than Dirt

You really let it rumble on your bike and no descent is steep enough for you? Then you need apparel that can take the maximum strain. The jerseys, shorts and gloves of the FOX Defend collection are made exactly for this and are of course available in specific fits for women and men. Reinforced seams, hard-wearing materials and a particularly robust Kevlar fabric ensure extraordinary longevity and durability under the toughest conditions.

FOX Racing DEFEND – Tougher than Dirt

The best from all worlds: FOX Racing RANGER – Performs Everywhere

If you go and never know exactly where the trail will take you; the way is the destination, your apparel must be prepared for everything. The FOX Ranger line includes shirts, shorts and gloves for men and women that are second to none in versatility. These clothing can do simply everything and is nevertheless technical, innovative and functional.

FOX Racing RANGER – Performs Everywhere

The ultimate in weight and breathability: FOX Racing FLEXAIR – Maximum Mobility

A low weight can decide victory or defeat. FOX has developed the new Flexair collection for women and men for riders who place the highest demands on themselves, their bikes and their apparel, where every second counts. The focus of these shorts, jerseys and gloves is on lightness, breathability and a perfect fit.

FOX Racing FLEXAIR – Maximum Mobility