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Ghost Mountain Bikes: From the Garage into the Wide World

Ghost mountain bikes are a piece of mountain bike history. The Bavarian bike forge has been there from the beginning of the mountain bike boom in Germany. Today, Ghost bikes are among the best in their class. Whether hardtail or full MTB, freerider or tourer, for every riding style and every terrain Ghost has the right mountain bike on offer. Discover the variety of MTB models from Ghost at BIKE24!

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Ghost Bikes: The Roots of MTB Sports

The story of Ghost Bikes began in 1993 in a garage in the Bavarian town of Waldsassen. Here Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald founded their small bike forge, which soon became one of the hottest German manufacturers of mountain bikes. Today, Ghost operates worldwide and is an established bicycle manufacturer with a broad product portfolio. The connection to their own roots, to mountain bike racing, has not been lost at any time. Ever since Ghost bikes have existed, there has been the mountain bike Ghost Team: MTB legends such as Guido Tschugg, Marcus Klausmann or Johannes Fischbach were on the road for Ghost in competitions. All this shows: In every Ghost mountain bike are not only a lot of experience and technical know-how, but above all real passion.

What Types of Ghost MTB are there?

You can sum it up in a nutshell: Ghost offers the right vehicle for every mountain bike category:

  • Ghost Tour mountain bikes are for those who like to be out in nature and are looking for a reliable all-round MTB.
  • Ghost Cross Country bikes are designed with a focus on marathon and XC competitions. They are perfect for ambitious riders who, in addition to the race track, like to ride moderate trails or dirt roads and can imagine crossing the Alps.
  • Ghost Trail bikes put the fun of mountain biking in the foreground. If you can't get enough of technical trails and exciting descents, a trail bike is your thing.
  • Ghost All-Mountain bikes are "tamer" than trail bikes in terms of riding characteristics and are suitable for comfortable all-round use. From alpine cross to the demanding tour on the weekend: With an all-mountain Ghost you can be prepared for everything.
  • Ghost Enduro Bikes offer you everything that modern MTB technology has to offer. With plenty of suspension travel and high-quality suspension elements Ghost Enduros put everything away. They are your choice if you like to ride challenging trails, travel to the bike park or enduro races.
  • The Ghost Dirt Bike is robust, handy and it doesn't weigh a gram too much. The Ghost MTB Hardtail is your proven fun and flight machine for use on dirt jumps or pumptracks.

How Much Suspension Travel Do You Need?

It is often said that a lot helps a lot. In terms of suspension travel, this is true to a limited extent. Instead, the suspension travel should perfectly suit you and your riding style. It may be that you do not need any suspension at the rear and instead of a Fully Ghost rather buy a Ghost Hardtail MTB. Speaking of which, the vibration-absorbing rear triangle of the new Ghost MTB carbon hardtail frames can almost pass for suspension. Such an XC hardtail is insanely efficient and comfortable at the same time. It is lighter and requires less maintenance than any Fully. The important thing is to think about what you plan to do with your new Ghost MTB. Take another look at the Ghost mountain bike categories and their descriptions above. Do you recognize yourself in it? Your ideal suspension travel then results automatically ...

Fully or Hardtail? Which Ghost MTB Type Are You?

It is a fundamental decision. The question of whether Fully Ghost or Hardtail is no longer as clear to answer as in the past. Many years ago it was a clear case: Fullys were for the crazy downhillers who had daredevil descents and stunts in mind with their bikes. They were heavy, fragile and inefficient. If you wanted to make fast progress uphill, you could hardly get around a hardtail. Nowadays it's different: fullies and hardtails have become incredibly efficient. The technology is mature and ultimately the crucial question is: What kind of Ghost MTB fits you perfectly? To answer this question, we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of fullies and hardtails.

Ghost MTB Fully


  • Mature and durable shocks and suspension forks swallow away all blows in tough terrain.
  • Higher speeds are no problem.
  • You have more control and safety downhill.


  • A Ghost MTB Fully is heavier.
  • Shocks and suspension forks should be serviced regularly.

Ghost MTB Hardtail


  • Hardtails are usually lighter.
  • Since a lot of technology is omitted, hardtails are less susceptible and require less maintenance.
  • Hardtails are cheaper in comparison.
  • Hardtails are exceptionally efficient in moderate terrain, especially uphill.


  • Hardtails are less forgiving in rough terrain. The more technical the trail, the more a hardtail reaches its limits.

Ghost Technologies and What You Should Know About Them

Ghost has been building mountain bikes for 30 years. In such a long time you learn a lot through trial and error and through the use of the bikes in professional racing. And through engineers who put all their knowledge into new products. In short: With 30 years under your belt, you have a lot of experience. This experience has produced all kinds of technologies that Ghost has developed and tested in Waldsassen. A few of them we would like to briefly explain to you here.

TractionLink is the special rear kinematics of Ghost full suspension mountain bikes. During compression, the rear end rotates around a virtual pivot point that is designed to prevent undesirable side effects. These include, for example, the bobbing of the rear end when pedaling or the hardening of the suspension when braking. The TractionLink kinematics prevents this and thus ensures greater riding comfort, efficiency and perfect control.

SuperFit is another innovation you'll find on every Ghost MTB. This technology refers to the geometry of Ghost bikes. Ghost wanted to finesse its geometries so that they fit perfectly for every body size. Your Ghost MTB should fit you perfectly, as if it were tailor-made. And what is the perfect geometry? To answer this question Ghost has evaluated the biometric data of hundreds of thousands of men and women. The results were used to create an algorithm that calculates the perfect geometry based on the various body proportions. In other words, an "S" bike from Ghost is not just a bit smaller than an "M" bike. Ghost also includes all attachments as well as the range of use of the bikes in the calculations. Bet that you feel great on your new Ghost MTB?