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Cycling Apparel by Fabian Cancellara. Inspired by Epic Road Moments.

We may not all be as fast as Fabian Cancellara, but we can feel and look just as good! This limited collection was created in cooperation with the legendary racer for cyclists with the highest demands for apparel. For more epic moments, the GORE® Wear Shop offers even more cycling and running wear novelties. » Read more

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Cancellara Collaboration - The Best of Two Worlds

The new and exclusive Cancellara Collection makes dreams come true. Fabian Cancellara, one of the most successful racing cyclists of all time, and GORE® Wear have joined forces to create a clothing kit that will delight road bike enthusiasts around the world with its uncompromising performance and unique design. The jerseys, cycling bib shorts, jackets, gloves and cycling socks from GORE® Wear Levels C5 and C7 combine the brand's best technologies and products with Fabian's practical experience and expertise, giving them his own personal signature. The central design element is the "heptagon", which represents the magic number 7 that runs like a red thread through his career: Cancellara won 7 Spring Classics and on 07.07.2007 the prologue of the Tour de France. The design of the Cancellara kit is completed by Fabian's personal favourite colour "Orbit Blue".

Design Inspired by Fabian Cancellara and the Great Moments in Road Cycling

Where Technology Meets Experience. Discover the Champion in You.

In addition to Fabian Cancellara's experience, the collection benefits from GORE® Wear's most successful and advanced technologies: GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ and the new "Central Torso Architecture" construction principle for bib shorts. This ensures maximum freedom of movement and an unchanged position of the seat pad while maintaining a perfect fit of the bib shorts in the thigh, lower back and shoulder areas.

GORE® Wear Fabian Cancellara Collection

The Cancellara collection includes a complete lineup of highly professional cycling clothing. From two jerseys and two bib shorts from GORE® Wear Levels C5 and C7, a rain jacket for training in less comfortable conditions, to accessories such as gloves and socks, you can dress and feel just as the pro.

  • C7 Cancellara Race Jersey. The ultimate lightweight, modern cut jersey with a comfortable fit. A thoughtful blend of technical fabrics and details has been selected to ensure that you can give your best throughout the season.
  • C5 Cancellara Jersey. This jersey combines the attractive aesthetics of the Fabian Cancellara Race collection with the durable comfort and support of one of GORE® Wear’s best selling jerseys. This reliable jersey feels almost invisible, so you can concentrate completely on cycling.
  • C7 GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ Cancellara Stretch Jacket. In professional cycling, the classic cycle races are regarded as a few of the toughest races in difficult terrain and often in bad weather. As one of the greatest classic riders, Fabian Cancellara has never used bad weather as an excuse - and neither will you!
  • C7 Cancellara Race Bib Shorts+. The C7 Race Bibshorts+ have been designed from the ground up with a completely new concept, offering all-round comfort and a compression fit that is different from all other bib shorts. Like the man they were named after, these bib shorts are the ultimate performer.
  • C5 Cancellara Bib Shorts+. These stylish bib shorts combine the style of the race collection with the same support and feel-good factor as the popular and eponymous bib shorts. Thanks to the high-quality seat insert and supportive fit, you can concentrate completely on cycling.
  • C7 Cancellara Short Pro Gloves. These minimalist gloves offer protection and comfort on summery rides, as well as reliable grip and a great riding experience. A thin, single-layer palm-surface offers direct contact with the handlebars.
  • C7 Cancellara Socks. A good sock should feel invisible. The C7 racing socks are made for that: they stay in place and the mix of airy materials keeps the temperature low and moisture away so you can concentrate only on the ride.
  • C3 Cancellara Mid Socks. These versatile socks are as comfortable when cycling as they are when running. A carefully selected material mix, minimal seams and supportive midfoot straps ensure maximum comfort.
Design Inspired by Fabian Cancellara and the Great Moments in Road Cycling