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Heimplanet – Tents and Backpacks Inspired by the Outdoors, Perfect for Any Environment. #whereveryougo

To make you feel at home wherever you are. That is the mission of Heimplanet – a state-of-the-art outdoor equipment manufacturer from Hamburg – and the reason they started developing their innovative inflatable tents and sophisticated bags. Adjusting to new places and situations while travelling is challenging enough. With Heimplanet you don‘t have to spend time adjusting your tent poles or luggage. Spend more time exploring instead. » Read more

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The Inflatable Tent with an Innovative Design

In 2003, during a surf trip to Portugal, the two friends Stefan Clauss and Stefan Schulze Dieckhoff from Hamburg developed the idea to build a tent that would make a completely new camping experience possible.  A tent, which would give you more time to enjoy the joys of travelling. Eight years later their first inflatable tent THE CAVE was ready to go out into the world of exploration. The whole process of setting up your tent for the night takes a maximum of two minutes and a small pump. And packing up takes only half that time, and you are ready to go, wherever you go.

Air Powered Diamond Grid Technology

The anatomy of the tents was inspired by the brilliant architect and designer Buckminster Fuller. Based on the principle of geodesic domes, this allows for stress to be distributed equally across the whole structure of every tent, making them extremely stable in high winds and extreme weather. This stability is furthered by the fact, that the air frame can be divided in five different chambers, so that even in the case of the defect your tent stays secure and can be easily repaired. Additionally, well ventilated, waterproof and incredibly spacious, the tents make you feel at home and enhance your thirst for discovery. From the original THE CAVE, the BACKDOOR, the FISTRAL or the NIAS, all the way to the multi-purpose 10 person tent the MAVERICKS, which can withstand wind speeds of up to 180km/h, every tent made by Heimplanet guarantees supreme flexibility, stability and simplicity.
But no matter how beautiful the geodesic domes of the Heimplanet tents are, the magical view of the starlit night sky on a pleasantly warm night is even more beautiful. To ensure you can enjoy the view at any time and dream of new adventures, Heimplanet also offers tarps such as the HPT Dawn XL. Like all Heimplanet Tarps the extra-large protective rain fly can also be used to create a perfect tent camp with weather protection at the entrance and to extend tents.

Bags for the modern explorer

Following the formula – for every trip and everyday – Heimplanet saw an urgent need to create bags and backpacks to go alongside their innovative tents. They wanted to create a luggage series, which would be perfect for every environment and as versatile as life today. Consisting of daypacks, duffle bags, weekenders, messenger bags, backpacks and more, combining intricate technical features with a simple design, the original MONOLITH line, as well as the TRANSIT and the MOTION line, which is especially interesting for cyclists, are able to cover all aspects of your life. And they will last you a lifetime. Heimplanet wants you to buy less, but better, which is why its main fabric DYECOSHELL is more durable than many other fabrics and at the same time requires 63% less chemicals, 89% less water and 60% less energy in the dyeing process and also produces 65% less CO2 than conventionally dyed fabrics, as the dyes are already added during spinning. Heimplanet bags and backpacks are both strong and green and made to be in motion.