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LAS – Italian Style Meets Performance

LAS is a wonderfully stylish and high-performance Italian brand that has been manufacturing top quality cycling helmets & accessories since the 1970s. Invest in a LAS cycling helmet and you invest in safety, comfort, performance and fantastic designs, with plenty of advanced engineering and materials which keep everything light and fresh.

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The LAS Story

LAS was set up in 1974 as a budding cycling helmet brand in the foothills of the Italian mountains. Its founders were passionate about creating highly advanced helmets that offered exceptional performance, comfort and style, and still hand assemble every helmet that they produce. The focus is still on excellence and a LAS helmet is a fantastic investment in your safety and comfort, with plenty of high-end features that make these helmets life-time friends. So when you think of LAS helmets you can think of:

  • Exceptional performance with high-end materials engineering and options to suit all budgets.
  • Real comfort with advanced customization for the perfect fit.
  • Extremely stylish – with that Italian style and flair that you'd expect, plus colors to suit every taste.
  • Hand-assembled for an exacting finish.

Which LAS Cycling Helmet Is Right for You?

The range spans cycling helmets for men, women and children and you can find a wide range available to suit different needs and budgets. For example:

  • The top-of-the-range LAS Virtus Carbon range works for road biking, MTB and triathlon.
  • The Cobalto range works for triathlon and road biking, with venting holes and an aerodynamic design.

Features of LAS Cycling Helmets

LAS cycling takes pride in producing high-end products that are beloved by cyclists of all levels. Whatever your favorite style of biking; MTB, gravel, road, downhill, multi-terrain, leisure or triathlon, you will find a cycling helmet to suit you, with options for every budget. Features include:

  • Nano 3D fit system for optimum fit.
  • Reinforced carbon frames in top-of-the-range models for strength and lightness.
  • Hand-assembled, rigorously tested and safety certified
  • Excellent padding for total comfort
  • Advanced moulding technologies for enhanced safety
  • Antibacterial materials to keep your helmet clean and hygienic