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Rascal Bikes - High Quality Kids Bikes from Czech Republic

The founders of Rascal Bikes are experts in children's bicycles. As owners of various bike stores, they sell thousands of kids bikes of all kinds. Many years of experience and knowledge of children's cycling needs led to the idea of developing extremely lightweight bicycles themselves. Rascal Bikes was born with the goal to offer every child a perfect companion for sports and daily life. Therefore, the Rascal bike geometry is well designed and specially adapted for children.

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Rascal Bike - A Faithful Companion for Your Child

Looking at the competition of children's bike manufacturers, Rascal Bikes wanted to do something different. Their goal was to develop a Rascal bike that had an unusual frame shape with numerous advantages. Added to this was the will to equip each bicycle with the right features like a Gates belt drive. This combination is low maintenance, free of chain oil and exceptionally quiet. Children can easily and intuitively operate the hub gears. Added to this is the reduced susceptibility to defects, as it is a closed gear system. The exceptionally light weight of Rascal Bikes also simplifies bike riding and ensures long-lasting fun while riding.

When you choose Rascal bikes, you are supporting a young and dynamic development team with big ambitions. They provide you with a children's bike perfectly adapted to your kids, combining fun and safety on two wheels. Rascal kids bikes are designed by professional designers and mechanics from the Czech Republic.

The Rascal children's bike is delivered pre-assembled, so only a few steps are necessary. All Rascal bikes are available in numerous different colors and can also be customized with name stickers.

The different Rascal children's bikes

Rascal Bikes has a wide range of children's bikes for every age and height. With the Rascal Punk! the smallest kids will make their first experiences on two wheels. The end of the range is covered by the Rascal Bikes 26 inch models for children from 8 to 12 years. To give you an accurate overview, we have compiled the different Rascal kids bikes: 

Rascal Bikes Punk! - The Unique Balance Bike for Little Kids

With the Rascal Punk! the Czechs offer children from 2 to 4 years the perfect base to gain their first experiences on two wheels. The front wheel of the wheel is larger to bring more smoothness and safety. The danger of tipping over the handlebars is thus eliminated. The installed V-brake rim brake provides safety and first braking experiences.

Rascal Bikes 14 - the premium bike for children between 3 and 5 years

The Rascal 14 is the first real bike after practicing with a balance bike. At only 5.5 kg, the bicycle with belt drive is very lightweight. The larger front wheel provides more stability for the first trampling attempts. Two powerful V-brakes ensure a lot of breaking power.

Rascal Bikes 16 - An Ergonomic Bicycle for Getting Started On Two Wheels

The ergonomically designed Rascal 16 frame provides a comfortable ride and simplified entry for children between the ages of 3 and 6. This is the first Rascal model with wheels of the same size. The maintenance-free Gates belt drive ensures pedaling without oil-smeared pant legs and is durable.

Rascal Bikes 20 - The Lightweight Kids Bike with 3-Speed Hub Gears

When the children make their first small tours in the village, they benefit from a gearshift. The 3-speed hub gears in combination with the durable Gates belt drive ensures first shifting experiences and more options when riding. At 7.9 kg, the Rascal 20 is exceptionally light and perfect for children between 4 and 7 years.

Rascal Bikes 24 - The Bicycle for School Kids

Whether it is the way to school, or the tour with friends. With the Rascal 24, children between 6 and 10 years are perfectly prepared for adventures on two wheels. The 8.9 kg lightweight aluminum bike allows a smooth and dynamic ride. It is available with either a 3-speed or 7-speed hub gear. 

Rascal Bikes 26 - The Perfect Choice for Teenagers

Children between the ages of 8 and 12 are gradually beginning to have their own experiences. It is important to provide them with a reliable, agile and safe bike. The Rascal 26 with its 3 or 7 speed hub gears and ergonomic frame offers a perfect solution for this. The Gates belt drive is free of problems and ensures unlimited riding fun.

Rascal Bikes Bikes - Which Bicycle Fits for My Child?

Here you can find an overview of the recommended height for each Rascal kids bike:

  • Rascal Punk! / 80 - 95 cm height
  • Rascal 14 / 90 - 105 cm height
  • Rascal 16 / 100 - 115 cm height
  • Rascal 20 / 110 - 125 cm height
  • Rascal 24 / 120 - 140 cm height
  • Rascal 26 / 135 - 155 cm height