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Simplon E-Bikes: Power Packs Made in Austria

Simplon bikes have always been built in Austria. Best performance and highest quality are firmly anchored in the company DNA. This also applies to the e-bikes of the bike company from Hard on Lake Constance. Simplon e-bikes offer high-end technology, classy looks and excellent riding characteristics. They are top-class bikes with that little bit of extra power.

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Simplon History Lesson

The Simplon Pass is a Swiss mountain pass in the canton of Valais. He was the godfather of the company's name when it was founded in 1961. The message behind it was clear: with a Simplon bike, even the 2,000-meter peaks of the Alps are no problem. "Bicycles in a class of their own" has been the motto of the Simplon brand ever since, which initially also sold boats and boat motors. Since 1970, the company has devoted itself exclusively to the manufacture of bicycles. Since the 1970s, racing bikes have been a hobbyhorse of Simplon. When Austrian cycling legend Gerhard Zadrobilek won the Tour of Austria on a Simplon in 1981, the brand gained nationwide attention. The introduction of a mountain bike range in 1988 is another milestone in the company's history. The son of company founder Kurt Hämmerle, Andreas, brought this trend from the USA to the company's location in Hard, Austria. Speaking of which, Simplon remains loyal to its production in Hard on Lake Constance to this day. Over 180 employees manufacture all Simplon models here - the e-bike Simplon production is also located here.

Simplon E-Bikes: Individual, Beautiful and Lightweight

When you buy a Simplon, you are consciously choosing a high-end product made in Austria. You can rely on the fact that a Simplon e-bike meets these requirements. A Simplon e-bike means the highest quality without compromise. All you have to do is decide which bike is right for you. What type of e-bike are you? The Simplon e-bike models cover all categories: From e-road bikes to e-MTBs, simplon e-bike women's models to e-trekking and e-touring bikes, the Austrians have everything in their program. In the following, we will go into what makes the individual model series.

Simplon E-MTB

Are these really e-bikes? With the E-MTB models from Simplon you have to look in detail. Because what applies to any conventional Simplon bike, is equally implemented in the e-bikes: a Simplon must work well, be light and it must look good. These characteristics apply completely to the Simplon e-bike models. From the lightweight E-Hardtail to the robust Simplon E-Bike Fully with powerful Bosch CX motor: Simplon manages to integrate the complete drive technology inconspicuously into the frame concept. The new models with super light TQ motor put the crown on the whole. Basically, only the display integrated into the top tube reveals that it is an E-MTB. 50 Nm of extra torque and a 360 Wh battery ensure that you climb every mountain with unimagined ease.

Regardless of the modern motor technology, all E-MTB models from Simplon come with lots of clever details. A good example of this is the XI geometry. Depending on the frame size, different chainstay lengths are used. This ensures consistent riding characteristics and perfect wheel load distribution - regardless of frame size. The integrated cable routing, the robust stone guard on the down tube and the proven 1-speed drive are also noteworthy details.

Dropbar E-Bikes: The Simplon Gravel E-Bike and the E-Road Bike

The two E-Road Bike models from Simplon are true technical marvels. They look like normal dropbar bikes. In addition, they integrate a 250 Wh strong battery and an almost invisible auxiliary motor that supports you with a torque of 40 Nm. Whether on the road with the e-road bike or on gravel with the e-gravel bike: With these models there is no stopping you - especially uphill.

What is decidedly impressive is the low weight. The key to this: Carbon frames are used on every Simplon e-bike, which are extremely robust and super light. In this way, the Simplon e-roadbike weighs in at a mere 10.7 kilos: that's little more than a conventional road bike weighs. By the way: With one or two range extenders, which you can attach to the bottle cage positions, the battery capacity can be increased up to 670 Wh.

E-Trekking und E-Touring Bikes

They are robust, safe and comfortable. And they are incredibly practical: The e-trekking and e-touring bikes from Simplon are stylish everyday helpers. They are the car replacement on the way to work or your companion on a big vacation bike tour. Thanks to the lightweight carbon frame and economical e-drive, you get everything out of one battery. Long range or heavy luggage - no problem for the Simplon comfort e-bikes. Now you just have to choose the right model. From the stylish commuting runabout to the practical load donkey for everyday use - Simplon has guaranteed the right e-bike for you in the program!

Which E-motors does Simplon and Wich One is Right for You?

Three different electric motors are used in Simplon e-bikes. Depending on the bike category and the intended use, these are motors from TQ, Bosch or Mahle. Each e-motor system has its advantages and disadvantages. Which one is the right one for you?

Super compact, super quiet: The mid-mounted motor from TQ
This motor is brand new and it defines a new category of e-bikes: it's for those who want a natural riding experience and lightweight assistance. The system is extremely lightweight and virtually silent. It is so compact that e-bikes equipped with it almost don't look like they have a motor. Bikes with the motor from TQ do not have the power of a powerful Bosch system. Instead, they ride insanely naturally. It feels like you've filled up on a hefty dose of extra energy. Another advantage of the system is that bikes with a TQ motor are great to ride with the motor off. When the engine is off, it is completely disconnected from the drive, so no resistance is felt.

The powerhouse: the mid-mounted motor from Bosch
If you appreciate powerful support, then a mid-motor from Bosch is your thing. Bosch offers various systems that have one thing in common: They are absolutely proven and can be used intuitively. In terms of motor power and battery range, they set the standard. Motors from the Bosch Active Line are exceptionally lightweight and offer 50 Nm of extra power. For long-distance riders, the Performance Line is ideal. If you want maximum range and maximum support, you should opt for a Simplon e-bike with Bosch Performance Line CX.

Powerful and direct: hub motors
With a hub motor, the e-drive becomes almost invisible. Simplon e-bikes with hub motors don't have a mid-motor and offer a decidedly slim design. The 250 Wh battery is hidden in the down tube and is also integrated almost invisibly. Hub motors are suitable for e-bikes that should offer a zippy drive and a slim look. At Simplon, they are used in sporty commuting e-bikes as well as in the e-roadbikes.