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Vaude Green Shape Core Collection – #ecofair #multiuse #unique

Vaudes Green Shape Core Collection contains apparel for men and women, including shirts, pants, windbreakers and fleece jackets. Backpacks and a sleeping bag are also included in the small collection. The special feature of the line is its consistent sustainability and universal purpose: whether for hiking or biking in nature or in the city. » Read more

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Vaude Green Shape – more than 90% of the apparel range is sustainable

Vaude is at the forefront of sustainability and has already developed its own eco-label in 2010 to guarantee functional, environmentally friendly products made from sustainable materials: the Green Shape label. From year to year, Vaude has been able to increase the proportion of Green Shape products in its range. For summer 2019, the percentage in the apparel assortment is already 98%, the percentage in the overall assortment 78%. Green Shape products are characterized by a long lifespan and good repair possibilities. Only certified, resource-saving and environmentally friendly materials are used. They are manufactured without restriction in production facilities with verified social standards and environmentally friendly printing processes. Green Shape products are energy-efficient and washable at low temperatures.

Green Shape Core Collection – Apparel, Footwear, Backpacks for a Wide Range of Outdoor Activities

In autumn 2018 Vaude presented the new Green Shape Core Collection for the first time. This collection expresses Vaude's green soul as well as ecological and social values and consistently shows how Vaude sees the future of sustainable outdoor equipment. The shirts, jackets, pants, backpacks and sleeping bags for women and men are made of 90% bio-based, recycled or purely natural materials. The Green Shape Core Collection features the most sustainable products Vaude has to offer in an environmentally friendly and fair way. Rather than constantly improving weight, water column and other performance parameters, Green Shape Core refuses to compete, focusing on comfort in a variety of outdoor activities.


The clothing and equipment of the Green Shape Core Collection conserve valuable raw material reserves by using recycled materials and bio-based alternatives such as kapok, castor oil or cow's milk for the production of the environmentally friendly functional materials. Together with suppliers, new materials and technologies were developed for which there was no solution until now.

Vaude Green Shape Core Collection – #ecofair #multiuse #unique


Shirts, jackets, pants, backpacks and sleeping bags from the Green Shape Core Collection are distinguished by their wide range of uses. In order to conserve resources, Vaude has adopted the concept of using a few products universally, whether for ski touring, hiking or cycling, rather than having many highly specialized products. The timeless design and high-quality workmanship promise long-lasting products that will give you pleasure for a long time to come.

Vaude Green Shape Core Collection – #ecofair #multiuse #unique


The Green Shape Core Collection contains Vaude's complete know-how and innovative strength in the field of sustainability. It symbolizes Vaude's vision of eco-friendly outdoor equipment, wants to set impulses, encourage rethinking and action. The Green Shape Core Collection takes Vaude to the limits of what is technically and economically possible. This makes this collection unique.

Vaude Green Shape Core Collection – #ecofair #multiuse #unique