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Cycling Caps – For More Style on the Road

Cycling caps protect your head from the sun, wind and rain. Yet they offer much more than protection against the elements. A stylish cycling cap is a way of perfectly rounding off your outfit. On this page we have compiled everything you need to know about road bike caps. You will also find a large selection of different road bike caps for men and women. Read more

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Cycling Hats and Their History

So what is the story behind road bike caps? Are they the latest hipster trend or a relict from the days of professional competitive cycling? In actual fact, road bike caps have been around for much longer. In the 19th century, the importance of wearing a cycle helmet was not as prevalent as it is today. In those days, cyclists donned caps to protect their heads from the sun and other weather conditions. These were the initial steps in a long development phase: as time went on, the caps became hats, and subsequently flat caps. In the years to follow, the cap design was increasingly tailored to the needs of cyclists – resulting in the cycling cap we know and love today.

What Distinguishes Caps for Cycling?

The shape of a cycling cap resembles a classic baseball cap. Its shape is perfectly tailored to the needs of a professional cyclist. A cycling cap fits tightly on your head, meaning you can wear a bike helmet as well if you so wish. The material also absorbs sweat and at the same time provides protection against the elements. What’s more, the small peak on the cap reduces sunlight, so that you aren’t dazzled as much on the road. This is particularly beneficial when the seasons change. When the sun is low in the sky, a protective cap above your eyes can be rather handy.

Even the design is a crucial component when it comes to caps for riding road bikes, as the cycling caps often feature very fancy and eye-catching designs. Professional competitive cycling is generally responsible for the vibrancy of road bike caps. It didn’t take long for advertising teams to recognise the potential of the caps as an advertising space – and a new trend was born. It is now almost inconceivable that teams would have their cyclists without caps on in public. Indeed, it doesn’t matter whether someone is being awarded their winner’s medal on a podium, at a press conference or shooting an advert for the new jersey: the cap is always part of their outfit – providing essential style on the road.

But they are not just worn by the professionals, they are also a big hit among ambitious and recreational cyclists. That’s because they don't just look good, they have a practical purpose as well – whether you’re an amateur sports cyclist or a bike messenger in the city. And the best thing is, cycling caps for men and women don’t cost an arm and a leg any more. At BIKE24, you will find caps for under €20 in the Cycling clothing section – a small price for plenty of style!

Cycling Caps and Bike Hats – Benefits in Summary

  • Cycling caps protect you from sunlight, as well as from rain and cold. In the summer, caps keep UV rays at bay; in winter they protect you from the wind.
  • Road bike caps also protect you from dirt being churned up by bikes in front of you in bad weather or on mixed terrain.
  • Thanks to their design, road bike caps can be worn beneath road bike helmets. The small peak then protrudes beneath the helmet at the front.
  • Cycling caps protect your eyes against sunlight, almost as an extra pair of bike goggles. This is particularly useful when the seasons change and the sun is low in the sky.
  • Road bike caps look pretty cool – and in recent years have become a bit of a fashion symbol. Some professional cyclists even collect caps based on their unique designs.

What’s more, over the years, a variety of other cycling caps have been developed in addition to typical road bike caps. Winter cycling caps for the chillier months of the year, also known as skull caps, are also worth mentioning. Lots of professional cyclists also like wearing thin headbands underneath their helmets. A bandana is a variant of this, which resembles a pirate’s headscarf. It performs a similar function to the classic road bike cap underneath your helmet. Neck gaiters are also often used as caps for cycling.

Spoilt for Choice – Which Cycling Hat Is the Best Match for You?

When it comes to style, design and colour, the choice is simply endless. This makes looking for the right cap a challenge in itself. So which cycling cap is the best match for you? We’ve summarised the key criteria to make choosing a cycling cap that little bit easier:

  • Shape: The vast majority of cycle caps resemble the shape of a baseball cap. They fit tightly on your head and have a small peak to deflect the sun.
  • Material: Men and women’s cycling caps tend to be made of polyester or a similar synthetic fibre. This material is very lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for sports activities.
  • Size: Like almost any item of clothing, cycling caps are available in different sizes for men and women. However, since the majority of caps feature an elastic back and therefore stretch to fit, many manufacturers choose to consolidate several sizes here. The size you need depends on the shape of your head. The following rule generally applies: Choose an S/M size for a small to medium-sized head. Choose an L/XL size for a large or wide head.
  • Colour and design: It goes without saying that the design is what catches your eye when it comes to cycling caps. The choice of caps is vast – from simple, plain-coloured caps to multicoloured and eye-catching styles. It is of course entirely up to you which colour or design you go for. The important thing is that the hat matches your style.