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Women's Bike Helmets – Stylish Protection for the City, Road or Trail

Discomfort, heavy weight or an unfashionable appearance have never been good reasons to go without a helmet. And nowadays they are even less convincing. Today’s bike helmets for women not only impress with their aerodynamic designs and low weight, but also offer modern style and, of course, plenty of protection. Because nothing is more important than protecting your head and brain. From weaving through hectic city traffic to daring drops downhill: smart adventurers wear helmets. Find out which one will suit you best here! Read more

Contents – Women's Bike Helmets

Bike Helmets for Women – Look Stylish, Feel Safe

The key question when cycling is not "Should I wear a helmet?", but "Which helmet suits me, my plans and my head?" The risks to life and limb when cycling are still underestimated by many. That is precisely because most accidents are unexpected and unforeseen. When there’s no time to use your arms to protect yourself, catch the fall or move your head out of the way, then you need to be able to rely on your helmet. Even mild concussions can have very unpleasant consequences. A good bike helmet reduces the likelihood of head injuries and so increases the fun of cycling! This applies as much to children's helmets as to bike helmets for men and women. Find out here what makes a good cycle helmet for women, what you should look out for and the different types of helmets available.  

Cycle Helmets for MTB, Road, City, Gravel and E-Bikes

‘Aero’ Is the Magic Word: Ladies' Bike Helmets for Road Cycling

There are special requirements for cycle racing helmets. They must be able to absorb falls at particularly high speeds and on hard surfaces. They also need to be extra-light and streamlined to go with today's lightweight aero road bikes. On the road in particular, every second can ultimately make the difference between victory and defeat. And even if you don't want to win a grand tour, you can still celebrate less weight, good ventilation and less wind resistance. Plenty of large ventilation slits keep your head cool. Most road bike helmets come equipped with insect screens to keep pesky wasps, bees and mosquitos out. 

Do you check your numbers right down to the second decimal point? There is now a huge selection of futuristic time trial helmets to satisfy any time trialist, triathlete and high-speed cyclist. Extensive wind tunnel testing ensures you cut through the wind like a knife. The teardrop shape is designed for your aero position and guides the airflow around your head. Matching visors protect your eyes at top speeds without restricting your view. 

Off-Road Adventures Await: MTB, Downhill and BMX Helmets for Women

Are the hills calling you? Rapid descents, sharp bends, roots, stones, branches, drops, mud and plenty of adrenaline? Or ramp tricks on the BMX? A slip, fall or branch to the face can spoil a good time. Apart from the right pads and protectors, the right helmet is crucial. MTB helmets are usually characterised by a larger protective surface area, especially at the back of the head. A removable visor provides additional protection from branches sticking out into the trail and from blinding sunlight. 

Downhill and enduro bikers more often go for the ultimate all-round protection: full-face helmets. With their robust design, which encloses the chin and extends to the neck too, these bicycle helmets look more like motorbike helmets. Cooling ventilation channels and perfectly integrated padding on the head and cheeks ensure wearing comfort, a perfect fit and plenty of safety. Full-face helmets are also being launched in the BMX, dirt and freeride sectors. Low weight, removable chin straps and the ability to wear goggles make this type of helmet a versatile choice for the bike. 

Less designed for aerodynamics are the compact and stylish dirt bike, skate and BMX helmets. Their round hard shells with only a few ventilation slits provide your skull with tough protection against ground contact of any kind. 

Ladies’ Cycle Helmets: When It Comes to City, Trekking and E-Bikes, Protection and Comfort Matter

Even if you are travelling slowly through the city rather than on an MTB or road bike, it is still important to keep vigilant. In the chaos of urban traffic, you can suddenly find yourself in dangerous situations time and time again. If another road user doesn’t see you through no fault of your own, your chances of stopping yourself from being knocked over are often slim. That’s why you should also wear a cycle helmet on your way to work or the shops. The latest city helmets are not only light and cool, but also stylish and well designed. Various adjustment options ensure a firm fit, while additional LEDs and reflective details ensure increased safety at dusk and on night-time rides. All these features and factors also play a decisive role in trekking helmets. However, weight and ventilation become even more central here, particularly for longer tours. 

E-bikes have become an indispensable part of the cityscape and electric mountain bikes can also be seen more and more frequently on the trails. To ensure so many people stay safe while having fun on these bikes, it is important to look at the specific requirements of e-bike helmets. Enjoying their potentially faster acceleration and higher speeds requires a little extra care and the e-bike helmet needs to fit perfectly. Advanced foam crumple zones or MIPS systems distribute the force of any impact more evenly and absorb both light and hard blows. Easy handling such as one-handed fasteners and special reflective elements keep your most important asset secure and in top condition. If you are riding a speed pedelec up to 45 km/h, for which a helmet is definitely recommended, you should make sure that your helmet is certified according to NTA 8776.  

Modern Helmets for Women – Fit, Size and Safety

All helmets must be load tested before they are sold in the UK. Cycle helmets are dropped from different heights at speeds of up to 20 km/h with different test weights onto flat and angular surfaces. They are only permitted for sale if they are proven to survive these tests without damage, in accordance with British standard BS EN 1078. 

Few things play a more decisive role in the actual protection your helmet can provide than its shape and proper fit. A bike helmet can only protect your head if it stays in place when you fall. Measure your head circumference before buying your helmet. Simply place a tape measure or string around your head at the widest point (start above the eyebrows). The helmet size is also given in centimetres so you can be sure the helmet will adjust correctly to your head. The chin strap should be tight without cutting into your skin, leaving enough room for a finger. 

Bicycle helmets should always be replaced after a fall. And if there are visible cracks or damage even without any impact, or if the helmet looks undamaged but has many years and miles under its belt, it’s time for a new one. In case of doubt, small weak points in the hard shell structure will be the deciding factor of the outcome in the event of an accident. 

MIPS, Bluetooth, LEDs etc. – Smart Technology for Modern Bike Helmets

The term ‘MIPS’ is everywhere when you’re looking for ladies’ bike helmets. The ‘Multi-Directional Impact Protection System’ was developed in collaboration with brain surgeons and is designed to absorb rotational impact better than conventional helmets. The whole thing works thanks to an extra plastic shell inside the helmet, which can move freely and independently of the outer shell and thus distributes an oblique impact better across the entire construction. 

The objects in our lives are growing ever smarter, and this is now true of helmets too. Some manufacturers offer built-in speakers, microphones, Bluetooth and intercoms that allow you to chat with other riders in the vicinity while cycling. Listening to the radio or your own music, using navigation announcements or answering calls: all of this is now easy to achieve. Of course, caution is required here – the focus should always be on the road or your immediate surroundings. For ambitious female cyclists, smart helmets also offer the possibility of having data such as your current speed or pedal and heart rate transmitted directly to your ear. 

To ensure that you are always visible even in rain, darkness or fog, there is a wide range of helmets with front and rear lights or brake and indicator lights. Some smart helmets combine both with battery-saving LED lights and can be adjusted via Bluetooth. Helmet lights are also available separately and – depending on the model – can be attached straight on to your helmet.  

Underhelmet Caps and Helmet Covers for Women's Cycle Helmets

Enlightenment is one thing, but what about warmth? Underhelmet caps and helmet rain covers keep your noggin warm and dry. Just what it needs for thinking and cycling! BIKE24 is happy to help you find the perfect helmet for you and to support you in your choice.