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Men’s Cycling Gloves – Keep Everything in Hand with a Pair of Cycling Gloves

Whether you’re off out on your daily ride on your aero bike, taking a multi-day tour along the cycling routes or heading to the trails on your MTB with some friends, one thing is for sure: you shouldn’t be without some cycling gloves. Not only do they prevent blisters and cuts and provide protection if you fall, but they also increase grip and improve handling. Find out more about which type of gloves you should wear for each discipline and the features to look out for. From fingerless cycling gloves to weatherproof, warm or super padded full-finger gloves, you’re sure to strike gold with us. Read more

Contents – Men’s Cycling Gloves

MTB, Road Bike, Gravel or City – Men’s Cycling Gloves Provide Grip and Comfort on Every Surface

Holding your handlebars tightly for prolonged periods can become uncomfortable for your hands, and they may develop pressure sores or become numb. Then add rain and sweat to the mix and the irksome chafing starts. But there’s a straightforward solution: cycling gloves. Not only are they comfortable to wear and give you a proper grip on the handlebars, but they also provide protection against injury, big and small, as well as against the sun, wind and rain. 

Naturally, the gloves you need will depend on whether you normally fly along on the smoothest tarmac, cycle in city traffic or shred over hill and dale taking all the jumps you can find. Various styles of fingerless gloves have proven to be popular among road, city or trekking bike riders in the summertime. Mountain bike riders, on the other hand, prefer well-ventilated full-finger gloves, even in summer, to give them that extra protection on difficult trails, and these kinds of gloves feature different types of padding, protectors and reinforcement. 

Needless to say, when the wind, rain, hail, snow or cold play their part and conditions get tougher, cyclists look for different features and materials. Softshell or thermal, water or windproof gloves for cycling are better for your hands in winter, without getting in the way of the contact you need with your bike. 

Men’s Full-Finger and Fingerless Gloves for the Summer Season

Even though when it comes to road cycling, every last milligram counts, this isn’t usually the reason why most cyclists opt to keep their fingers free. Fingerless road cycling gloves make sure you have enough grip where you need it: on the handlebars. Gloves are available with gel or foam padding which ranges from thick to thin, depending on your personal preference and how sensitive your hands are. This padding allows your hands to relax and save some power, so you can really give it some in those moments that count. Mesh-backed gravel and road cycling gloves are great for the summer as they are better ventilated, so there’s less risk of accidents due to sweaty fingers. 

Hardwearing and protective are two criteria that MTB gloves need to fulfil, and that doesn’t stop just because it’s summertime. When the days are long and leaves are green, heading off-road can be a lot of fun, but make sure you choose gloves made from lightweight, breathable material so you can give it your all without your hands breaking a sweat. 

Most mountain bike riders, especially those who ride downhill and enduro, prefer full-finger gloves. Thick padding, solid protectors and a reinforced outer made of durable materials are some features which can protect your hands from being whipped by branches across the trail or even sharp stones and roots on the floor, as we all know it’s not uncommon for mountain bike riders to find themselves on the ground. But it’s no stress with the right men's mountain bike gloves. Not only do they help prevent cuts and scrapes, but they also absorb vibrations and bumps. Simply add some protective clothing and a robust MTB helmet for a full dose of safety and give your full concentration to shredding the trails. 

Cycling Gloves for All-Year Round – Protection from Cold, Wind and Rain

Cycling isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. Hopping on your bike, you can do your shopping, cross the country or climb mountains, and all whilst doing something good for your health. And so bad weather doesn’t get in your way, it’s important to make sure you’re well-equipped before heading out. There’s nothing worse than having cold, wet hands when you’ve still got a few more kilometres, or even hours, in the saddle. 

Modern materials that provide full or partial protection against wind or rain come in handy here, such as GORE-TEX. The material’s ability to keep the rain out whilst wicking your perspiration away means that you will never be held back, whatever the weather. If you still like heading out in a snowstorm when it’s minus figures, thermal respectively men's winter cycling gloves with an extra-thick lining will come in extremely handy, as you’ll need to have a particularly good hold of your brakes when cycling on slippery surfaces. And numb fingers won’t be of any use to you! 

It Fits like a Glove – Sizes for Men’s Cycling Gloves

Choosing your size is a delicate matter when it comes to cycling gloves and it can have any number of influences on the way you ride. If your gloves are too tight, you could lose feeling due to poor blood circulation or you could end up with some nasty chafing. If they’re too big, however, you’ll lose precision and contact when changing gear, braking and steering. 

There is no standardised uniform sizing when it comes to gloves, so sizing overview tables should only be used as a point of reference. You should always check whether there is a sizing table specific to the model of gloves you’d like available on the product page or from the manufacturer. It’s useful to measure the circumference of your hand to help you choose your size, even if a perfect fit can’t be guaranteed due to the different cuts and shapes available. 

Cycling Gloves for Men's – Size Chart

Using a tape measure or piece of string and ruler, measure the circumference of your hand at its widest point and then find the size for you from the following table. Please place the tape measure over the base of your thumb and not around it. 

Glove size (inches) Hand circumference (cm) Size
7.5 19 S
8 20.5 S
8.5 21.5 M
9 23 M
9.5 24 L
10 26 L
10.5 27 XL
11 29 XXL


Depending on how large or small your hands are, you could also take a look in our women’s cycling gloves or kids’ cycling gloves categories. If you’re unsure, simply try them on. BIKE24 will be happy to help you find the right cycling gloves for you.