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Women’s Cycling Gloves – Keep Comfortable and Protected Whilst out and about on Your Bike

Cycling gloves are extremely all-rounded items: not only do they enable you to improve your grip on the handle bars, but you can also mitigate vibrations, keep your hands warm, dry and protected from cuts and scrapes, and you might even be able to use your mobile phone to boot. Needless to say, even the best women’s cycling gloves won’t get you anywhere if they’re not properly suited to your hands, their intended use and the time of year. Read on to find out more about how to choose between full-finger or fingerless gloves and the features to look out for. Read more

Women’s Cycling Gloves for Gravel Adventures, Road Cycling, MTB Trails and City Bike Excursions

Every type of ground has its own demands, and the same goes for hands. To get the perfect balance between feel, grip, comfort and protection, you should first decide whether you want to use your gloves for on or off-road cycling. Are you a year-round rider who goes out whatever the weather, or are you more of a fair-weather cyclist who only gets their bike out when the sun is shining? You should then decide on the level of lining, membrane and weather protection you’d like. Love shredding on challenging downhill trails? Then padding, reinforcement and protectors are the features you should be looking for. No matter what you’re after, every woman will be able to find the gloves she needs from the variety available in our range.

Tarmac, Gravel or Dirt – Cycling Gloves Can Deal with Any Kind of Ground

In short, most road cyclists wear fingerless gloves whilst full-finger gloves are favoured when heading off-road. Aside from the time of year and weather conditions, it all depends on how much material you want between you and your handle bars, brakes and gear shifters, and how sensitive your hands are to pressure and rubbing. 

If you regularly go out for several hours at a time, or if you love taking off-road detours on your gravel bike, then MTB gloves could also be an option. Mountain biking gloves are, needless to say, mainly designed for mountain bikers and have some special features which we’ll explain to you in due course. 

On the other hand, you should also consider that more material can mean more sweat, which is why it’s often more comfortable to keep your fingers free when out road cycling. Bike gloves for women with thin backs made of mesh can keep your hands well-ventilated, but be careful: lightweight road cycling gloves may not protect you against UV radiation and so you could still burn through the material. Always put sun cream on even if you’re wearing fingerless gloves! 

Ergonomic foam padding can be used to help relieve pressure from your wrists, which is usually where you put most weight on the handle bars. Modern laser technology means gloves are seamless, so you needn’t worry about any chafing or blisters, at least if you choose the right size!

Ladies Cycling Gloves for All-Year Round – Protection from Cold, Wind and Rain

The well-known cliché that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing, is perhaps all the more applicable when it comes to cycling gloves. Cold or sodden hands can mess up your entire ride. Luckily, every problem has a solution. When the temperatures drop and the nights start getting frosty, you can keep warm with our insulated, lined winter and thermal women's winter cycling gloves. These are usually equipped with a wind and water-repellent membrane or coating, as the cold is even more unpleasant when the wet comes into play. 

If you’re a true all-weather warrior, then some fully waterproof gloves should also be part of your kit. Modern membranes such as GORE-TEX keep even heavy rain at bay whilst also being breathable and regulating moisture. In spring and autumn however, some thin, wind and womens waterproof cycling gloves might be enough to do the job. They often provide sufficient protection from sudden, brief changes in weather, as well as from the sun as it starts to increase in intensity, or when it’s still shining strong after summer. Gloves with reflective details also make you visible and help keep you safe when riding in traffic.

Road Cycling, Mountain Biking and More – Pads and Protectors for Your Hands

Whilst padded cycling gloves are a sensible option for going off-road, foam or gel padding can also be a good idea for absorbing shocks and vibrations when road cycling too, preventing you from being tired too early. If you’re often out and about on more rugged terrain, gel padding acts as a great shock absorber. 

If you feel more at home on the trails, full-finger bike gloves for women made from robust material can help prevent those cuts and scrapes. Downhill and enduro riders who like to push the boundaries should always think about wearing cycling gloves with protectors. Specially-integrated surfaces, on the knuckles for example, minimise the energy created in those inevitable falls and, in turn, decrease the probability of serious injury or breakages, meaning you can get back to shredding those downhill trails as soon as possible!

It Fits like a Glove – Sizes for Women’s Cycling Gloves

Choosing your size is a delicate matter when it comes to ladies cycling gloves and it can have any number of influences on the way you ride. If your gloves are too tight, you could lose feeling due to poor blood circulation or you could end up with some nasty chafing. If they’re too big, however, you’ll lose precision and contact when changing gear, braking and steering. 

There is no standardised uniform sizing when it comes to gloves, so sizing overview tables should only be used as a point of reference. You should always check whether there is a sizing table specific to the model of gloves you’d like available on the product page or from the manufacturer. It’s useful to measure the circumference of your hand to help you choose your size, even if a perfect fit can’t be guaranteed due to the different cuts and shapes available.

Size Chart for Women’s Cycling Gloves

Men's cycling gloves Using a tape measure or piece of string and ruler, measure the circumference of your hand at its widest point and then find the size for you from the following table. Please place the tape measure over the base of your thumb and not around it.

Glove size (inches) Hand circumference (cm) Confection Size
4,5 15,5 XS
5 16 XS
5,5 16,5 S
6 17 S
6,5 18 M
7 19 M
7,5 20,5 L
8 21,5 L
8,5 23 XL
9 24 XL


Depending on how large or small your hands are, you could also take a look in our Men’s cycling gloves or Kids’ cycling gloves categories. If you’re unsure, simply try them on. BIKE24 will be happy to help you find the right cycling gloves for you.