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Cycling Shorts for Women – A Reliable Choice on Every Ride

Cycling shorts are one of the most essential pieces of biking gear and a must-have for every cyclist. Whether you're flying over the trails on your mountain bike, cycling along your daily commute, exploring nature on a long bike ride or enjoying the breeze on your road bike, special features and cuts ensure that there is a suitable pair of cycling shorts or leggings for activity. The right pair of women's cycling shorts make even the longest ride a relaxed and comfortable adventure. Want to know more? Click here: Read more

Before we get started, a quick note: When we talk about general female body shapes in the following, we are referring to the majority of women but do not intend to exclude anyone. Of course, there are all sorts of body shapes. If you are still not sure which pair of cycling shorts is right for you after our tour around the world of women's cycling shorts, please contact our experts in customer service for advice.  

A pair of cycling shorts is more than just legwear. They support your performance and offer protection from the weather and other impacts or obstacles (e.g. branches on the trail). Cycling shorts, in women's or men's styles, come in a wide variety of designs: short or long, tight-fitting or wide, with shoulder straps or without. Since cycling shorts are the central point of contact between you and your bike, the choice needs to be well thought out. 

Modern, stylish cycling shorts for women offer just the right combination of function and comfort. That’s why they are always specially adapted to the requirements of cycling – with consideration of the particular strain on the leg and buttock area. Since women's cycling shorts differ from men's styles in some respects, you should always choose a pair specifically designed for women.

Womens cycling trousers… 

  • … are adapted to women’s bodies in their cut and fit
  • … often have more feminine designs and colours
  • … have the same features and material as men’s shorts

Road Cycling Shorts for Women Who Love to Ride Like the Wind

Classic road cycling shorts have a tight fit and feel like a second skin. That ensures they don’t impact your aerodynamics in any way. There are women's cycling shorts that stand out for their good moisture management which reliably protects you from cooling down. Since they are usually equipped with membranes, sweat can escape to the outside in the form of water vapour. Rain or splash water, on the other hand, cannot get in. Cycling shorts, in women's or men's styles, can be short or long, with or without shoulder straps. The so-called bib shorts/bib tights (with shoulder straps) are popular with ambitious female road cyclists as they come equipped with the perfect features for road cycling.

  • The straps ensure that the cycling leggings do not slip even during fast cycling sprints. Here, too, some manufacturers try to adapt their women's styles specifically to the female anatomy. Assos, for example, developed the mono bib for increased comfort.
  • Since toilet breaks can be problematic for women in full cycling gear, manufacturers have come up with creative solutions. Many bib shorts have all-round zips or detachable straps that allow the cycling shorts to be put on and taken off without having to take off the jacket and jersey as well.
  • Anatomically adapted seat pads are probably the most crucial difference between women's cycling shorts and men's styles. In general, seat pads come in different thicknesses and constructions – depending on preference, activity or duration of the ride. 

Other features that can be found in women cycling shorts are:

  • They usually don't have a waistband (at the front), so that nothing presses when you are bent forward on the road bike.
  • Zips at the leg cuffs (only on long styles, of course) make it easy to put on or take off tight cycling leggings.
  • Reflective elements provide 360° visibility for riders when road visibility is poor.
  • Flat or offset seams are used so that no uncomfortable pressure or chafing points occur.
  • Silicone cuffs on the legs prevent tight cycling leggings from riding up, even during fast cycling sprints.

Cycling Shorts for Ladies Who Love Their MTB

Cycling shorts for mountain biking are made of robust materials so that they can withstand accidental contact with the ground or branches. Textile blends or stretch inserts ensure that the much-needed freedom of movement is still maintained. Other features that many cycling shorts or leggings for trail bikes have in common (regardless of whether they are designed for men or women) are pre-shaped knees, ventilation systems (in the form of mesh or net inserts) and zipped pockets to keep small items safe en route. MTB shorts and trousers for women differ from men's shorts in terms of their cut and fit, their design and the shape of the seat pad in the inner shorts. As already described, the seat pads are adapted to the different anatomy of each gender to provide the best possible support and comfort. That's why you should definitely choose a women's style. Women’s tendency to have wider sit bones is taken into account.

Womens Padded Cycling Shorts

The seat padding is not only adapted to the rider's anatomy, but also to the activity. It is always adapted to the respective requirements (e.g. the posture or seat angle on the bike). This is the only way to ensure it does justice to its tasks: avoiding pressure points and friction while promoting blood circulation and relieving pressure on the buttocks. Numbness is prevented and vibrations transmitted from the ground are significantly minimised. Regardless of whether they are for women's or men's shorts, seat pads are antibacterial and particularly breathable, as they are ideally worn directly on the skin. Visual differences are easy to spot, as seat pads on women's cycling shorts tend to be slightly shorter and wider in the sit bone area. 

Cycling shorts, in both men's and women's versions, are often windproof and water-repellent or waterproof and offer UV protection – regardless of the activity for which they were developed. But of course the world of cycling shorts offers many more variants for every situation and season: waterproof cycling trousers, so that you always arrive at your destination clean and dry, or even trousers for the next cycling trip.

How to Take Care of Ladies Cycling Shorts

Since tight cycling shorts and inner shorts with seat padding are worn directly on the skin, they should be washed after every ride. First and foremost, it is important to follow the manufacturer's care instructions. We also recommend the use of special textile care and washing products for sportswear. Cycle shorts should be washed at max. 30°C. Afterwards, just squeeze the seat cushion out carefully and do not wring it out. Fabric softener should always be avoided as it can damage the fabric’s functionality.