Delivery, shipping companies and delivery times


Current Status report as of 2.6.2020


Dear customers and friends,

we are all pleased to be getting back to everyday life. We have put behind us hard weeks indeed. 

For us as a company this exceptional situation persists. We continue to carry out our duties in separate shifts or in home-office. The recently experienced, very high demand has presented itself to be a special challenge in and of itself. We are currently processing almost double the amount of orders as compared to previous years. At the same time, our suppliers are also having great difficulties meeting this high demand. This, of course, affects the delivery times and availability of goods. 

We have been working very hard over the past weeks to optimize and strengthen all the affected processes. We have already taken very extensive and successful actions. Among other things, we have invested considerably in our plant technology, increased our logistics staff, increased the number of shifts, and changed or optimized processes. We were able to massively increase the capability of our logistics, almost doubling it, as compared to the previous year. 

From your feedback, we can unfortunately tell that, understanding for the current situation is gradually decreasing. We will try to respond to justified criticism as quickly as possible. We will stay on top of things! We know that we have not yet been able to restore Bike24's customary performance in all areas. We have already reached the required efficiency in logistics. We will also continue to improve in all other areas, so that we can offer you the accustomed BIKE24 quality again. 

We will continue to keep you informed, openly and transparently, and to that purpose we shall update this status report regularly.


Availability of Products

The procurement of goods is currently difficult. Our suppliers need considerably longer or are unable to deliver or deliver too little. We do not expect any easing in this area over the coming weeks.

For this reason, we changed the indication of availability in the Bike24 shop some time ago. Goods that are not in stock are displayed with significantly longer delivery times and different colors. Furthermore, the BIKE24 Shop has been displaying the available quantities per item for some time now.

If you should need something urgently, please concentrate your search on articles that are available in stock.


Shipping / Logistics / Delivery times

The delivery times, within Germany, for immediately available goods are presently: 2 - 4 business days. Delivery times for items not available in stock, are momentarily significantly higher. The BIKE24 shipping-promise has currently been reactivated. On weekends and upcoming holidays, it will most likely be deactivated.

We were able to almost double our logistics capacity over the past few weeks. Through this we have been able to eliminate most of our backlog-orders. The capacity of our shipping department is now sufficiently sized to meet current demand. 

As a result, we have more resources available for other divisions. We are already intensifying our efforts to reduce backlogs in the areas of returns and incoming merchandise


Returns Handling

The returns department is also confronted with a strong increase in incoming work.  We have been able to increase our capacity by approximately 50% over the last few days and are thus consistently reducing backlog-returns. The situation has already eased significantly. We are currently about 5 business days behind on returns. By the end of the week this figure should be further reduced.


Bike shipping / workshop

The volume of bicycle orders is many times higher as compared to previous years. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the usual delivery times of 3 to 4 business days within Germany on bicycle orders. We therefore specify significantly longer delivery times on our BIKE24 online platform. The delivery time for orders within Germany can currently reach up to 15 business days. 

We are mobilizing all available forces, yet we will not compromise on quality. We were thus able to stabilize the situation. Due to the continuing strong demand, we do not expect any improvement on delivery times for bicycles over the coming weeks. 


Customer service

Due to the very high order volume, we are also experiencing a significant increase in customer service inquiries. Backlogs in the shipping and returns processes have further magnified this effect and led to even more service requests.

We will experience an improvement in customer service performance as a result of the significantly better logistics performanceAt the same time, we are working intensively on increasing our service-capacity, hiring new employees and training new colleagues for work in the service team.

We are on top of things, for what concerns service as well! We will soon be able to answer all inquiries within a reasonable time again. Within the next weeks we will be able to handle all e-mail requests with the performance we are known for. 

More than half of our colleagues from the service team are still constrained to working from home. Therefore, unfortunately, we are still unable to offer telephone support at present time.



Both stores are open again. Information about opening hours and hygiene regulations can be found on the pages of the Store Dresden Löbtau and Store Dresden Neustadt.

If you would like a bike consultation, please schedule an appointment with us. Please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or [email protected] with your request! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


At this point we would like to thank all our BIKE24 employees for their flexibility and continued commitment! We are very proud of our entire team. 


We would also like to thank you for your loyalty and understanding of the current challenges!


Stay healthy! Your BIKE24 Team



Bike24 ships from Monday to Saturday with the exception of public holidays. We ship complete orders only, i.e. the dispatch usually takes place as soon as all ordered items are ready for dispatch. Please contact the Bike24 service team if you wish a partial delivery. Should you choose "cash in advance" as method of payment, the delivery time is extended, since the shipping process will not start before the actual receipt of payment.


Depending on destination country, package size, volume and weight, Bike24 ships with the carriers German PostDHL or the German parcel service DPD. The preferred carrier of Bike24 for shipments to private consumers within Germany is the German Post DHL. Deliveries of bulky goods, for example complete bicycles, will be handled by selected forwarding companies.

For return shipments Bike24 cooperates with German Post DHL and Hermes. Large bulky goods like bicycles will be picked up by a forwarding company.

Promise to ship – guaranteed day of shipment

Order on business days before 3 p.m. and we'll ship the same day. We promise!

Thanks to our automated storage system all products marked with this icon will be shipped on the same day without additional charge if order before 3 p.m. (CET) on business days (Monday to Friday). As a rule, delivery takes place on the following business day. If the marked articles are ordered on business days after 3 p.m. (CET), Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, please note the information shown at the time of shipping. Also in these cases we provide for an accelerated shipping. Orders with a shipping promise will generally be processed preferentially. 
This service only applies to orders shipped within Germany.


Shipping option DHL Express – guaranteed delivery date

For all items marked with this symbol, which are ordered on business days from Monday to Friday by 3 p.m. (CET), we offer the DHL Express shipping option for selected delivery countries. The DHL Express option is subject to an additional surcharge. It can be selected during the ordering process, provided that all items in the shopping cart offer the Express option. In addition the DHL Express option must be available for the selected delivery adress.

The remaining time for the placement of the order will be displayed precisely in hours and minutes. An order within the EU usually arrives the following business day. Depending on the postal code of the delivery address, longer parcel delivery times may occur. As soon as the postal code is indicated, the exact parcel delivery time for this delivery address is calculated. When registering via the account, we use the postal code of the standard delivery address to calculate the DHL Express parcel delivery time.

The DHL Express option is currently not available for shipping within Germany.

Packing Stations

Upon request we will be happy to send your order to one of the numerous packing stations operated by German Post DHL. Should you not yet be registered as a packing station customer, you need to register once online at Always specify the DHL Post Number for shipments to a packing station.


Transport Damage

If you receive a damaged shipment please refuse the receipt if possible. Anyway, please get in touch with the Bike24 service team by e-mail or phone as soon as possible. We will be happy to solve the issue.


Change Requests, Merging of Orders

The Bike24 team will do its best to fulfill your change requests. Usually such changes are possible until the actual start of the shipping process. If you place several orders at Bike24 within a short period of time, those orders will be merged on your request only. We process each order separately.