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Dear Valued Customer,

among our extensive range of products, many great offers and our professional customer service we are proud to offer the following special service to you:

Following the slogan "ERGOSCANNER... and your bike fits." we can determine your perfect seat position on your bike - no matter whether your love is Road Racing, Triathlon/TT, MountainBike, Trekking or Cross.

What makes the ERGOSCANNER unique

The ERGOSCANNER is a modern and straightforward measuring system to figure out the perfect seat position. What really makes the ERGOSCANNER special is the adjustable bottom bracket unit. The saddle always stays at a fixed height. A camera behind you projects your body on a wall with a seat position diagram. You can then feel and see how good your new bike will fit on a monitor.

In just a few moments we can determine which frame size suits best, which stride height you have and what the perfect stem length, handle bar level, knee angle and back angle for your individual application has to be.

The ERGOSCANNER enables you to focus on the right seat position, shape of handle bar, different saddles, various types of pedals - without the disturbance of traffic or weather.

Date agreement

A complete ERGOSCANNER session in combination with a comprehensive advisory service takes about half an hour, depending on individual customer requests.

To avoid unnecessary waiting times, please contact us by phone or e-mail so we can agree to a date.

For further information on the ERGOSCANNER please consult the manufacturers website.

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