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The Fitness Bike – versatility meets road bike genes

The fitness bike with its sporty character is just perfect to relocate quickly from A to B and to ride at high speed all the time. In addition you are active and keep yourself fit with regular or longer rides on your bike. At the same time it‘s just as suitable for relaxed routes in everyday life as for commuting. You should keep in mind that fitness bikes are equipped with the basics in a minimalist way. A small upgrade, e. g. adding bags and lighting, is required to get to work safely. Find out more about fitness bikes and what to keep in mind when buying your own at BIKE24 online shop! Read more

What are the Special Features of a Fitness Bike?

As already mentioned the fitness bike is equipped in a very minimalistic way, basic elements like lights, pannier rack, mudguards, chain guard, etc. are not included. If there are mounting points or eyelets don’t hesitate to retrofit if required.

Less features mean a lot of weight can be saved and allow for a fast ride. If you want to push yourself to the limit and get the most out of it a carbon hybrid bike should be your choice. It is based on a carbon frame and other components made of the lightweight composite material. Aluminium is also a commonly used frame building material, whereas steel is used less frequently.

28-inch wheels and correspondingly wide tires (28 mm) are standard and the tires usually have a smooth tread and roll well on tarmac. If the tire clearance allows it you can change to wider tires. Similarly urban bikes equipped with disc brakes are increasingly available on the market. First you should always check whether a change to wider tires is possible without any problems.
Thus, the fitness bike is made for fast rides and its low weight allows for sporty riding by eliminating certain components.

As you may have noticed a fitness commuter bike is similar to a road bike in many ways. This is true for many components including the shifting groupset with road bike gear ratio. There exist also bicycles with internal gear hubs which require less maintenance and are less prone to wear.

What Distinguishes a Fitness City Bike from a Road Bike?

The main difference between a fitness city and a road bike is the riding position. On the fitness bike you sit much more upright and therefore more comfortable because a straight handlebar, a flat bar is used. The upright sitting posture is further enhanced by a positive inclination of the cockpit. However, some models also have a similar saddle to handlebar drop as a road bike, which leads to a rather overstretched position on the bike.

Furthermore, the range of highly specialized road bikes is even more extensive. For instance there are special bikes for triathlon and time trial competitions or for gravel and cyclocross.

For What and for Whom the Fitness Bike is Made for?

If you like to ride fast in order to maintain your sporting balance and own well-being a fitness bicycle is really your thing. Pannier racks or fenders are just knick-knacks that you can leave out in favor of less weight and more speed. Regular commuting is also no problem – if you do want to use it as a commuter bike an upgrade of your bike with lighting, bags and, if necessary, fenders and luggage rack is recommended.

As already mentioned – the fitness bike is perfect for fast rides on tarmac! Therefore you can use it as a road touring and urban bike.
For off road riding a cross bike, another form of hybrid bike, is recommended for various reasons, such as better grip with the appropriate tires or a suspension fork for more comfort.

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