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Wide handlebars, narrow tires, with or without a motor – the colourful variety of different types of bikes has always been a source of fascination for many people. Nowadays, the range of bikes for varying uses is vast and the question quickly arises: How to choose a bike, which suits me? On this page we will give you an overview of the different bike types and e-bikes. Click here to read on:

How do you want to use your new bike? Everyday cyclists want to get from A to B reliably and safely. Versatile bike and e-bike types such as trekking, city or cargo bikes should be considered. Recreational athletes and explorers, on the other hand, are looking for a capable bike for hassle-free excursions. Mountain, road, gravel, cross and fitness bikes, including those with electric motors, are a good place to start. Athletes, who want maximum performance, often see their bike as equipment where no compromises should be made. Road bikes, MTBs and gravel bikes are the first choice here.

E-Bikes – Electric Power for Your Goals

Despite sharing key traits like the generally high acceleration and permanent support, not all electric bikes are the same. The selection at BIKE24 is huge and ranges from off-road models with and without suspension to e-bikes for the road with particularly long range. The following overview of the different types of electric bikes should help you find your perfect bike.

Bikes – Muscle Power for Your Goals

Gravel bikes or fitness bikes – isn't that just marketing? Not at all – each type of bike is optimally adapted to the respective area of use and, of course, to riders large and small. The following overview of the different types should help you make a decision on how to choose the right bike from the enormous selection of bikes available at BIKE24.

Your Lifestyle, Your Bike

"Because my old bike got too small over the winter, I was allowed to choose a new one. Dad usually orders from BIKE24 and luckily they had one available in my favourite colour, purple. It also has gears."

Marie – is already looking forward to her first bike rides in the spring, where she will now be even faster

"I like to get on my bike first thing in the morning and ride to work. That and cycling trips are what I mainly use my fitness bike for. Cycling helps give me the balance I need in my everyday life."

Tobias – recharges by commuting to be able to face work head on and full of energy

"I often ride my Norco mountain bike at the Wachwitzer Höhenpark. For me, what counts most is having fun with friends, getting some adrenaline and sore muscles the next day - then it was a good afternoon."

Thomas – likes to be on the move and drops his friends on the trails

"When others are still stuck in traffic, I'm already there. I love using my e-bike in the city for all my trips. Whether it's to work, shopping or when I meet up with friends - I'm almost always on my bike."

Elli – rides quickly and easily through the city on her e-bike

Write your own story and buy the bike that perfectly fits your lifestyle right now.

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