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Mountain Bike Parts that Make Your Bike even Better

Higher, faster, harder! Tuning mountain bikes, trekking bikes or downhill bikes with MTB bike parts allows for more performance, balance and an individual look. Bikes off the rack are mostly just a compromise between performance, versatility, comfort and a unique look. But thanks to a huge choice of parts for mountain bikes, it's no problem to make your weapon of choice something really special. There are also almost no limits for individual bicycle builds with MTB parts to satisfy your personal taste.

The Product Range of the Mountain Bike Equipment

With hundreds of thousands of products in the mountain bike parts sector, it's hard to keep an overview, and you might ask yourself the question: "What's the best thing to start with?"

To give you an idea of what to look for, the most important topics are: Cockpit, wheels, tires, suspension, drivetrain / gears, frame, brakes and small parts. 
Which MTB parts you buy depends only on your individual preferences and goals - and of course on the compatibility with your bike. In the following we have tried to go into some of the objectives in more detail.

MTB Equipment to boost Performance

For most riders, performance improvement is the primary focus when buying mountain bike equipment. But what is the meaning of this collective term? For competition MTB's and cross-country bikes, the primary goal is to reduce weight with particularly light mtb equipment made of carbon and milled aluminium. On Enduro, Freeride and Downhill bikes, on the other hand, the improvement is aimed more at the performance of the fork, rear shocks and brakes.

This is closely followed by the requirements for power transmission and versatility. The latter deals, for example, with downhill bike equipment that extends the range of use of your bike so that you can also perform well on enduro trails. This is achieved with innovative products and solutions.

Things to Considers on the Topic of Mountain Bike Parts

A lightweight, wide tubeless carbon or aluminium wheelset allows for quick acceleration and even more versatility. Wheelsets with particularly light textile spokes are also available on request.

There is only one thing better than suspension travel: even more suspension travel!
Whether for enduro, trail or downhill, at BIKE24 you will find stiff suspension forks and individually adjustable shocks with finest responsiveness and low weight.
Or even better: Choose a completely automatically tuned, electronic suspension and you only have to concentrate on riding.

Mountainbike components do not have to be very expensive, but as with bicycle tires, they can make all the difference. Special 26/27.5/29 inch lightweight tires, designed for a specific application, offer you crucial advantages in cross country, all mountain and trail riding, for example.

If you get on a mountain bike or trekking bike, you will first come into contact with the cockpit. For perfect handling, low weight and comfort, the handlebar, stem and seat post can be replaced with aluminium or carbon MTB parts.

Derailleur parts and shifting groups also offer great tuning potential. A lightweight, mechanically or electrically controlled shifting system with 12 speeds allows for faster shifting and more weight savings.

You can also find the right platform for your dream bike at BIKE24.
You have the choice between light hardtail frames or especially capable full suspension frames made of carbon or aluminium.

If the chassis, suspension and drivetrain are right, you should pay attention to the brake system of your mountain bike. Choose from powerful, finely adjustable disc brakes featuring up to four pistons and individual adjustment options.

Further popular mtb bike part upgrades are for example a crank made of carbon or aluminium, better hubs, a lighter saddle or a dropper seat post

Mountain Bike Parts for Comfort and Ergonomics

Despite the best possible consultation by our experienced service staff, it may be necessary to subsequently adapt individual parts of a mountain bike to the individual anatomy.
In the MTB equipment section you will find saddles that are anatomically adapted for men and women as well as application-specific saddles and, of course, seat posts made of carbon, aluminium and titanium that can be adjusted in many ways.

Besides that, the connection between your feet and the crank is also noteworthy. Clipless pedals or flat pedals ensure optimal power transmission and a secure foothold.

The handlebars probably form the most varied and colorful category among mtb bike parts. They come in a variety of shapes with a lot of backsweep, optimized upsweep and with or without rise.
Matching the handlebars, you will also find ergonomic grips with palm support among the mountainbike components at BIKE24. They improve your grip feeling by different grip thicknesses in combination with foams with different density. Bar Ends can also be a reasonable purchase as touring MTB equipment.

Colorful MTB Parts for a Unique Look

Add a personal touch to your mountain bike, trekking bike, cross bike or fitness bike! 
You can choose from many stylish, partly colorful anodized aluminium mountain bike components such as headsets, hubs and narrow-wide chainrings.
Would you like it to be even more exclusive? Especially noble carbon parts, which are also available in bright colors, make your bike stand out even more from the crowd.

More colorful MTB parts to customize your bike:

The highlight: Some manufacturers offer extensive MTB equipment sets and tuning kits. The included parts are optimally matched in terms of color and function.

Trekking/MTB Accessories to Keep Your Bike Running Reliably

Even if you like your bike as it is, mountain bike parts need to be replaced from time to time. 
As a well-stocked MTB accessory shop, BIKE24 also offers these so-called wear parts. They break down at some point due to weather, wear and tear or simply aging.
Therefore you should regularly check all moving MTB bike parts:

MTB Components for Durability and Reliability

Especially interesting for trekking bikes and touring mountain bikes is MTB equipment, which makes the bike almost indestructible.
These are usually affordable items with great impact, e.g. tires with special puncture protection or tubeless tire systems, wear parts and bearings made of steel, frame protectors, single-speed drivetrains or rigid forks.

Buy MTB- and Trekking Parts at BIKE24

In our online shop you will find a huge range of mountain bike parts in over 30 product groups. If you have questions regarding compatibility or just haven't found the right one yet, please contact our experienced customer service. Our colleagues will be more than pleased to help you.

* Savings compared to the manufacturer's or German distributor's recommended retail price.