IMMUN BIEST BiestmilchFruits +GUARANA - 80 Drops (lonzenges/chewies)

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Description of IMMUN BIEST BiestmilchFruits +GUARANA - 80 Drops (lonzenges/chewies)

BiestyDrops // functional. tasty. effective.

The IMMUN BIEST "to go". The new unique strong booster. 100% natural. 100% energy. All in what you need. Nothing else. Taste: naturally powerful, slightly bitter fruity.

A colostrum product that truly works with sense in maximum quality, you can utilize to make the best of your day. IMMUN BIEST has added only what you really need, strong natural ingridients. No nonsense, no bullshit. Simple products you can trust. For your maximum effect.

You can take Biestydrops whenever, however or wherever you want. Especially for athletes and all other people with to much stress in their life.

Ideal for:
  • A strong immune system
  • A better recovery
  • Energy & vitality
  • Focus and stimulation
  • Well being stomach & gut

Your advantages:
  • Fast absorption of the nutrient across oral mucosa
  • Optimum natural nutrient complex with high bioavailability
  • No artificial additives, preservatives or thickener
  • Superior natural resource quality for outstanding products that works
  • Manufactured with the new IMMUN BIEST® ptb "press the best" process to save all nutrient
  • Pure natural products

Natural guarana contains specific gentle caffeine. More efficient than coffee and longer lasting.

Serving size / Recommendation for use:
Every time you need an energy-boost: Take up to 3x 2 drops. Extraordinary during phases with high mental and physical challenges.

Special tip:
  • "Workaholics": Take 4 drops in the middle of your working day
  • Competition or hard training: 30 minutes before starting competition or hard training take 4 drops, following 2 drops every two hours

BiestyDrops are without metabolic onerous additives such as stearates (binder), sweeteners (sorbitol, in case of excessive consumption laxative) or artificial flavors. This makes BiestyDrops particularly valuable.
If you have lactose intolerance or are allergic against milk-protein or lactose you can try Immun Biest products. They’re addapted for those people. But please begin with a lower serve and give your body time to adapt.

In Europe "Biestmilch" has been declared as "food" by law. It is not a nutrition supplement - it is one of the most natural powerful food types for all athletes and active people in the world.
The EU-food right prescribes a strict code of conduct, so that Immune Biest cannot say like biest milk works. Immun Biest can only say for which the biest milk stands in the nature and which consequences can be derived for the person from it.
The nutritional value data given with the products and health data concerning the conversion of the order EG 1924/2006 (Health claim order) are to be looked under reservation because they are defeated at the moment still by a constant change.

Foremilk is free from BSE, external hormones, pesticides and antibiotics.

Food Information

  • Description
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Fact Sheet of IMMUN BIEST BiestmilchFruits +GUARANA - 80 Drops (lonzenges/chewies)

Product Name: IMMUN BIEST BiestmilchFruits +GUARANA - 80 Drops (lonzenges/chewies)
Manufacturer: Immun Biest
Item Code: IBI208122
Year: 2016
Manufacturer item code: IB004
Content: 80 drops á 1000 mg (200 mg premium colostrum per drop)
Flavor: aronia-berry
Purpose: ideal for travel, training or competition
  • Description
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