Thoni Mara NRG² Long Tight Unisex Running Tights 552 249 - 90 black

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Description of Thoni Mara NRG² Long Tight Unisex Running Tights 552 249 - 90 black

After many years, there is now a fibre innovation, which thoni mara ® have used to develop a unique item. The magic word is: far infrared radiation (FIR).

What is far infrared radiation?
FIR, as part of the infrared spectrum, is radiated from the sun, certain stones and metals, and also from the human body. Its positive effect has been known for centuries and is used above all in Asian medicine.

What do far infrared rays do?
Far infrared rays have many positive influences on energetic processes in the human body. A pleasant warmth and better blood circulation lead to a general sense of well being. In stress tests, however, increased performance has also been observed.

How do the far infrared rays work?
The FIR rays radiated by the human body are reflected by the NRG² material, which leads to increased blood circulation and enhances the proportion of oxygen in the blood. This results, for example, from a brief warm-up phase. In addition, positive effects have also been found for lactate values and lowering of the heart rate. Both effects lead generally to an increase in performance and avoidance of premature fatigue and, after activity, to faster regeneration.

But that's not enough. Thoni mara ® have succeeded in supporting the positive characteristics of FIR with comfortable compression. The NRG² Long Tight fits distinctly more snugly than regular items, because 3 times as much elastane as usual are worked in. This compressive fit supports the positive characteristics of the FIR material in regard to supplying the musculature with oxygen-rich blood, which in turn can have a performance-enhancing and regenerative effect. Furthermore, this reduces muscle vibration during exercise, which means that the muscles tire more slowly, thus providing protection against injuries. Like other running tights from thoni mara ® the NRG² Long Tight offers breathability and climate control, is odour-neutral, seamless, and ergonomic because of the proven fibre mix of soft, elastic polyamide, feather-light polypropylene and elastane.

Size Chart

Hips 57 cm 62 cm 69 cm 75 cm 81 cm 87 cm
Side length 77 cm 81 cm 85 cm 89 cm 93 cm 97 cm
Thighs 31 cm 35 cm 39 cm 43 cm 47 cm 51 cm

The measurements in the size chart are solely guidelines and may differ a few centimeters.

Material 50% polyamide, 35% polypropylene, 15% elastane

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Fact Sheet of Thoni Mara NRG² Long Tight Unisex Running Tights 552 249 - 90 black

Product Name: Thoni Mara NRG² Long Tight Unisex Running Tights 552 249 - 90 black
Manufacturer: Thoni Mara
Item Code: TON224138
Season: All-season
Year: 2016
Material: 50% polyamide, 35% polypropylene, 15% elastane
Temperatur range: -5°C to 18°C
For women/men/unisex: men
Purpose: running
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