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Atlantic S.E.T. Kette - Chain Care Kit

Atlantic S.E.T. Kette - Chain Care Kit

The perfect team for professional chain care. The ATLANTIC chain cleaner frees the chain from all dirt and ATLANTIC chain grease with PTFE gives the chain power again for the next tours. It can be so simple!

Chain care set consisting of

  • Chain cleaner 200ml spray bottle
  • Chain grease with PTFE 150ml spray can

Atlantic chain cleaner

ATLANTIC chain cleaner cleans the chain and removes wear-promoting deposits in one step. The chain cleaner is merciless to dirt and gentle to the chain. This is because only this special formula prevents increased washing out of the individual chain links. Lubricant residues, oils, greases, gumming and bound dirt are dissolved. The special cleaner minimizes wear and extends the life of the chain. A chain cleaning device is not required.

Atlatnic chain grease

ATLANTIC chain grease with PTFE is a highly specialized lubricant for every application of the bicycle chain - in dry and wet conditions. The Teflon particles contained form a thin protective film with emergency lubrication properties. Friction is reduced to a minimum in the long term. Special polymers ensure extremely high wear protection. Precise shifting and smooth running of the chain are guaranteed. Particularly creep- and adhesion-resistant, O-ring neutral. Excellent corrosion protection.


Simply spray a little chain cleaner on a clean cloth and wipe the chain with it until the metallic color appears. Also spray the crank blades and sprockets properly. If the chain is very dirty, you can also spray it directly and let it act for a short time. After a few moments you will see how the dirt drips from the chain, sprocket and crank. With a cloth you take up the rest of the dissolved dirt. Do not use brushes that are too hard. These often scratch the metal surfaces broken. Water or even a high-pressure cleaner have absolutely no place on the chain.

Then, thanks to the capillary tube, you can easily apply the chain grease with PTFE to the side of the chain links from above. The lubricant lands exactly where it should. Meanwhile, you let the chain slowly slide over the sprockets by pedal rotation until an even film of lubricant is created.

Fact Sheet of Atlantic S.E.T. Kette - Chain Care Kit

Product Name: Atlantic S.E.T. Kette - Chain Care Kit
Manufacturer: Atlantic
Item Code: ATL228695
activity: Cycling
care & clean application: Chain Cleaning
care & clean product : Oil, With Teflon, Spray
lubricant area of application: Chain
Model year: 2022