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Basil Rosa Saddle Cover - polkadot

Basil Rosa Saddle Cover - polkadot

Saddle cover made of water-repellent material

The Basil Rosa saddle cover is a compact and colorful saddle pad that can be easily mounted on men's and women's bikes. This multifunctional seat pad fits almost all types and sizes of saddles, making it an incredibly versatile choice. If you use your bike on a daily basis and regularly face rainy rides, this cover will help keep soggy seats to a minimum.

A popular choice for any cyclist, this saddle cover comes in red and white with a polka dot print that exudes plenty of personality. The water repellent material of this design makes it an easy choice, as it prevents moisture from seeping in and getting trapped in the material of the saddle underneath. In case of any major mishaps on your morning commute to the office or on your way to an important meeting, this reliable seat cover will keep your clothes dry and save you the embarrassment of unsightly wet stains. When you've finished your ride and locked up your bike, you can remove the saddle cover immediately so it can dry faster and you'll be left with a bone-dry seat on the way back.

Features of the Basil Rosa saddle cover

  • The Basil Rosa saddle cover is a functional and stylish seat cover.
  • It is made of water repellent material to keep your bike seat dry at all times
  • The vibrant polka dot design easily stands out in a crowded bike garage
  • Suitable for men's and women's bikes, with a versatile design that fits almost all types and shapes of bike seats

Fact Sheet of Basil Rosa Saddle Cover - polkadot

Product Name: Basil Rosa Saddle Cover - polkadot
Manufacturer: Basil
Item Code: BAL230734
activity: Cycling
saddle accessories: Saddle Cover
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Red
manufacturer item code: 50059
Manufacturer page: