Truvativ BB30 Ceramic Bearings BB42-68/73-30

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Description of Truvativ BB30 Ceramic Bearings BB42-68/73-30

Truvativ's BB-30 bottom bracket technology represents the latest technological standards in bicycle frames. The BB-30 is lighter, narrower, stiffer and more durable than traditional bottom bracket systems. Oversized alloy spindles and bearings pressed directly into the bottom bracket shell offer weight savings up to 12%. In combination with a crankset for the BB-30 bottom bracket standard new standards for stiffness to weight ratio will be reached. Advantages of the new system are: - lighter - stiffer - low Q-factor (narrower cranks, increasing ankle clearance) - more durable because of significantly larger bearings results in longer bearing life. The ceramic bearings reduce weight additionally, increase durability and offer smooth rotation.

Note: The BB-30 bottom bracket is only compatible with bicycle frames constructed for the new BB-30 bottom bracket standard.
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Fact Sheet of Truvativ BB30 Ceramic Bearings BB42-68/73-30

Product Name: Truvativ BB30 Ceramic Bearings BB42-68/73-30
Manufacturer: Truvativ
Item Code: TRU113076
Year: 2017
Material: ceramic bearings
Weight: approx. 56 gram
Bottom bracket spindle profile: integrated axle, BB30 standard
Case width: 68 / 73mm
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