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Kettenwixe Duraglide Chain Oil - 50ml

Kettenwixe Duraglide Chain Oil - 50ml

MountainBIKE 03/2018 - rating: very good!

Kettenwixe is a brandnew blend of full-synthetic and mineral oil with parts of solid particles. It becomes dry and delivers a long lasting dirt-screen.

Kettenwixe has a high value, plus a persitent and economical character. If used correctly you only have to apply it every 100 to 150 kilometers on tough conditions and every 400 kilometers on smooth conditions like common roads.

Minimal wastage

One of Kettenwixe's special qualities is pressure-resistance. Kettenwixe reached 1250 kp/cm² in tests about friction-wastage, compared to best rated lubricants that only scored 1000 kp/cm². So Kettenwixe is perfect to protect the stressed inside of your chain.

Minimal dirt-adhesion

Because Kettenwixe is also wash-resistant, you are able to clean your chain easily and keep your gears shifting in a precise way, while saving time and money for maintenance that you would have to spend on damage caused by corrosion.

Apply Kettenwixe sparingly! You only have to use it every 150 kilometers, so you do something good for the money in your pocket and for the environment.
Included in delivery: 1 bottle à 50ml

Fact Sheet of Kettenwixe Duraglide Chain Oil - 50ml

Product Name: Kettenwixe Duraglide Chain Oil - 50ml
Manufacturer: Kettenwixe
Item Code: KWX233291
activity: Cycling
care & clean product : Oil
lubricant area of application: Chain
content: 50ml
Model year: 2022
Manufacturer page: