Assos LL.bonkaTights S7 Bibtights - blockBlack

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Description of Assos LL.bonkaTights S7 Bibtights - blockBlack

The LL.bonkaTights S7 is Assos ultimate WinterTight. Assos worked hard to create this warmest tight without extra volume. Bonka is for each Assos fan synonymous with the ultimate performance in the coldest winter months. Assos LL.bonkaTights S7 is made of 7 textiles, 14 panels and 9 components. These tights replace the previous LL.bonka S5.

Wear the LL.bonkaTights S7 in the coldest conditions in combination with Assos Bonka jacket and Assos winter undershirt.

ALS recommendation:
You can perfectly fine-tune your outfit to your trip and the weather through choosing different ClimaRange base layers and a jacket. You can complete the tights by the sturmPrinz and other winter ClimaRange ASSOSoires to perfect the outfit.

Assos developed this ultimate Winter Tights together with the company's own factory team Werksmannschaft. Assos has recalibrated its Bonka performance based on the revolutionary S7 pad.

- New RX Heavy Fabric with Water Resistant technology
- Strategically placed extra layer Stratagon Ultra
- Anatomically shaped lower leg
- waterBarrier Type.009
- Cento seat pad with GoldenGate
- Patented IPP Intergrated Pad Protection
- bladderProtection technology
- Large reflectors for better visibility

Winter resistant construction:
The center of LL.bonkaTights is a membrane that Assos used on the entire length of the pants, to offer protection against the coldest conditions.

Anatomical cut:
To ensure that it fits perfectly, Assos has the narrow, rear knee slightly redesigned. Assos uses multiple panels of light RX-fabric. It makes this area more breathable and comfortable.

Assos used its RX-Heavy fabric throughout and combined with its water-resistant treatment for maximum insulation. The additional WR-treatment was carried out in order to protect it from splashes and light rain. Assos placed a second layer Stratagon Ultra on knees, thighs and the hips. This strategic placement of breathable fabric forms a large barrier to cold. Assos could create a maximum thermal insulation with low volume.

Cento seat pad with GoldenGate:
the LL.bonkaTights_S7 gets the cento insert based on successful Assos S7 pad generation. Especially ideal for long distances.

IPP Intergrated Pad Protection (patented):
is a patented technology that Assos has used on the front of TK.tiburuKnicker S7. The insert is not sewn directly to the fabric. Instead, it continues to the panel end. This provides an extended layer of protection and no seams at all in the front area. Increased protection, greater comfort. Really nice and functional. Another ASSOS invention, another step towards total comfort.

Splashing of the road is an ugly companion in the winter months so that Assos has introduced its water barrier made of exclusive, water Type.009 fabric on the leg cuff. This fabric ensures that the pants remain perfectly in position inspite of the loop-free design.

GoldenGate - patented technology:
The stitching that holds the seat pad in place is interrupted in the area between the legs, allowing three-dimensional freedom of movement in this critical, and very sensitive, rotational area.

ASSOS first incorporated this feature with the s5 winter tights (2010). The frontpanel between the crotch area and the abdomen features ASSOS Stratagon win-dblock fabric. This ensures your bladder is not exposed to chill winds, which reduces the need to urinate while riding.

Winter is dark, so that Assos has placed a large asymmetrical reflector on the back of each leg for enhanced visibility.

70% polyamide, 17% polyester, 13% elastane

  • Description
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Fact Sheet of Assos LL.bonkaTights S7 Bibtights - blockBlack

Product Name: Assos LL.bonkaTights S7 Bibtights - blockBlack
Manufacturer: Assos
Item Code: ASS237515
Season: Fall/Winter
Year: 2017
Material: 70% polyamide, 17% polyester, 13% elastane
Manufacturer's item code:
Product line: Campionissimo
Material name by manufacturer: RX Heavy
Technologies: gameChanger
Temperatur range: -4 to 8°C
ClimaRange: Winter
Fit: regularFit
With/Without bibs: with bibs
Seat pad: with cento seat pad
For women/men/unisex: men
Purpose: long distances
  • Description
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