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Flow - Warum Mountainbiken glücklich macht

Flow - Warum Mountainbiken glücklich macht

Flow- flowing consciousness. Mountain biking seems predestined for this state, which for many mountain bikers means pure happiness. In this book, mountain bike pro Harald Philipp and sports scientist Simon Sirch explore what constitutes the flow state and how you can achieve it as a mountain biker.

What does flow mean for mountain bikers?

Generally, trails are called "flowy" by mountain bikers when they are easy to ride. The word flow is everywhere, and mountain bikers also experience this feeling on the bike at least from time to time - even if they often lack the words for it afterwards.

To get to the bottom of this feeling, Harald Philipp and Simon Sirch let other mountain bikers have their say: Uta Philipp praises the fleeting moment and the intense experience, Maria Frykman discovers the flow experience through her young daughter all over again. In addition, the authors describe their own flow experiences while mountain biking, illustrated with pictures from their tours.

A - scientifically based - attempt at explanation

"Flow - Why Mountain Biking Makes You Happy" not only describes the flow experience subjectively, but also explains it scientifically. For example, Darwin, as well as the modern educational scientist Felix von Cube, explain why the desire to take risks can lead to a flow experience. All in all, Harald Philipp and Simon Sirch shed light on various aspects of mountain biking and flow:

  • What flow has to do with risk-taking in mountain biking.
  • Why flow is created during physical exertion in mountain biking in particular
  • Why you should become more of a child again when mountain biking in order to experience flow.
  • How you can learn and overcome obstacles in flow
  • Why biking together enhances the flow experience

If you are looking for the perfect flow experience, this book provides fresh inspiration on how to rediscover the fun of mountain biking again and again and immerse yourself in the flow feeling: Because flow also means overcoming fears of challenging trails and achieving greater balance and poise.

Flow makes you happy, flow improves concentration and motor skills - an exciting experience not only for mountain bikers.

Language German

Fact Sheet of Flow - Warum Mountainbiken glücklich macht

Product Name: Flow - Warum Mountainbiken glücklich macht
Manufacturer: Delius Klasing Verlag
Item Code: DKV263966
activity: Cycling
book version: novel / tale, illustrated book
ISBN: 978-3-667-10301-7
number of pages: 144
author / publisher: Harald Philipp / Simon Sirch
publishing house: Delius Klasing