Tune - absoluteBlack - Spank 29" Wheelset - 6-hole - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - black

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Description of Tune - absoluteBlack - Spank 29" Wheelset - 6-hole - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - black

Tuning the wheelset has the most noticeable effect on weight reduction.
Not without reason Tune is known because of wheelsets. The greater the distance towards the center of rotation, the more noticeable is it concerning acceleration. This way precious time and power can be saved at any fast start.

In limits of "lightweight" and "durable" this wheelset can be found driving in front. Herein Black Diamond hubs and 29" Sobrosa rims are joined by hand to a unit of apparent acceleration.


  • Front hub: Black Diamond 15x100 mm thru axle.
  • Rear hub: Black Diamond 12x142 mm thru axle.
  • Freehub: SRAM XD 11-speed.
  • Rims: Spank Subrosa EVO 30 AL
  • Spokes: SAPIM D-Light, black oxidized.
  • Nipples: Aluminum, colour as hubs.
  • Max. rider weight: 100 kg.

The Hubs

Black Diamond hubs are among the best that technology and CNC production has to offer. Best of material and top-notch technology are invested to achieve the most refined set of hubs.
The got developed to meet the demands of XC racing up to aggressive Enduro driving style.

Bearings: Tall, 17x30x7 ABEC 5 5 Enduro 2RS high-performance roller bearing-heads with graphit cages for greater longevity. 4 bearings of this kind are used in the rear, two in the front. Taller bearings run smoother and are able to transmit greater loads. These bearings weigh app. 60 g more than those of other leightweight hubs. The 6903 bearing can take a dynamic load of 450 kg, wich is 2 times that of other hubs. So don`t worry about the next drop!

The body is made of tempered, stainless steel, for durability and against carving of the cassette. It is almost as light as an aluminum body, but way harder.

Magnetic Face Spline
The patented mechanism ist one of the most reliables. Instead of springs and hooks, powerful circular disc magnets are used to collect the pawls. All parts of the system are made of tempered, stainless steel to grant uncompromising durability.
This face spline is a pollution tolerant system. The toothing uses 26 snap-in points to deliver perfect balance between load transmission and drag (the more snap-in points, the higher the drag). The capability to carry great loads is one of the designs greatest strengths. Reason for this are the 26 snap-in points continuously in contact. Thanks to the design without springs, the system is working under any thermal condition without influence on the pawls. The system is successful in racing for 8 years already.

Bearing Preload-System:
Either hubs contain external preload-screws to keep the bearings under optimal condition. Even the most precise production process is able to kompensate assembly tolerances of the hubs. For operating the bearings under best preload, the system is inevitable. A special BPS key is needed, which has to be ordered seperately.

The pawl-system contains only one moving part; it can be manually disassembled and cleaned.

Measures for Wheelbuilding:
All spoke holes are 2,5 mm Ø.
Measures are calculated from centre of hub to centre of flange bores.
The pitch circle diameter is calculatet from centre of spoke bores.
Left and right flange bore Ø: 56 mm
Centre to right flange: 28,3 mm
Centre to left flange (disc): 22,5 mm
Left and right flange bore Ø: 55,5 mm
Centre to right flange: 20 mm
Centre to left flange (disc): 34 mm

Max. spoke tension:
Front: Disc side 120 kg +/- 10 kg
Drive side 100 kg +/- 10 kg
Disc side 70 kg +/- 10 kg
Drive side 120 kg +/- 10kg

The Rims

  • Usage: Trail, Aggressiv XC, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride/Bike Park.
  • Material: MGR Dynamal Aluminium.
  • Diameter: 29"
  • Holes: 32
  • ETRTO: 24,5-622
  • ERD: 589 mm
  • Valve diameter: 6,5 mm (Presta)
  • Outer width: 30 mm
  • Hight: 23,5 mm
  • Brake: Disc specific
  • Other: Tubeless Ready
  • Technology: Oohbah™, MGR, Bead Nip™, Dynamal

The most important features of any rim are rigidity and weight. Rigidity or stiffness means more of your energy is transferred into drive force, (rather than flex) and acceleration/cornering/braking performance is improved. Reducing rolling weight in your wheels, more so than any other part on your bike, can dramatically reduce the energy needed to propel it forward. Take a look at a cross section of any given rim on the market. You’ll see that both the outer and inner walls are concave. Now check out a SPANK rim. The unique patented Oohbah™profile with inverted tube well, approaches a toroidal shape, which has the lowest mass and highest stiffness on all planes. This increases rigidity immensely compared with conventional rim designs. The combination of a concave outer wall with a convex inner tube well, results in the addition of a new, never before seen “hoop strength” in the sectional profile, which lends massive strength and stiffness to the rim as a whole, and places the center of inertia in the optimum position nearer the center of the profile. Furthermore the “wave” shape of the Oohbah inner tube well acts like corrugated steel roofing to add strength and support to the vertical rim flange walls and prevent buckling. Normal straight or curved tube wells must be much thicker to offer the same support. The increased strength and rigidity offered by the Oohbah™profile affords Spank the opportunity to optimize wall thicknesses and material transitions, drastically reducing weight…AND…allows them to offer rims with greater widths, at much lower weights than those of competitors. Wider rims mean stiffer wheels and more tire spread, leading to greater traction and improved comfort.

Micro Grain Refinement- Processes such as extrusion, forging and tube drawing can increase the strength of alloy materials by reducing the grain size. Spank uses state of the art proprietary metal forming methods which further improve grain size consistency and orientation, and significantly reduce the grain size beyond that of our competitors. Hardly any other part is subjected to the number of drawing steps or level of refinement as one offered by Spank. This leads to greater ultimate strength, toughtness, and ductility...meaning confidence, comfort and safety.

Bead Nip™
Another secret of SPANK’s patented Oobah profile, is the double Beadnip™technology. Traditional rim designs include only one set, called bead hooks on the vertical walls or rim flanges. The vertical hooks are crucial for tire retention. The Oohbah patent includes the addition of a second set of “nips” on the inner tube well (horizontal inner wall), which ensure the tire always remains in the bead-seat, even when riding at minimal tire pressures. Without it, on conventional rim designs the bead can slip inwards, leading to snake bites (pinch flats). Interestingly, in tubeless applications, the beadnips also act to trap the bead, preserving the seal between tire and rim, enhancing air pressure longevity and reducing annoying “burps”. With SPANK’s Oohbah patented rims, you can ride the tires you want, at the pressure you want, on any terrain…with far less fear of flats!

“Dynamal” is a new, rare, virgin alloy composition. Unlike standard recycled alloy mixes, Dynamal is a dynamically aged highly magnesium-silicon enriched, pure alloy, which is blended with a special “secret” hardening metal. Compared to statically aged traditional alloy types, Dynamal shows a significant further increase in ultimate tensile strength and yield, without the normal reductions in fatigue life. Imported and rare in our industry, Dynamal is used in the production of Spank’s VOMAX, OOZY, Subrosa, and SPIKE rim lines. It offers unparalleled rigidity in rims and a never before seen resistance to permanent deformation.
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Fact Sheet of Tune - absoluteBlack - Spank 29" Wheelset - 6-hole - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - black

Product Name: Tune - absoluteBlack - Spank 29" Wheelset - 6-hole - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - black
Manufacturer: Tune
Item Code: TUN267706
Year: 2016
E.T.R.T.O: 24,5-622
Material: rims, nipples, hub bodies: aluminum
spokes: stainless steel
Weight: approx. 1936 gram (FW: 913 gram / RW: 1023 gram)
(weighted by Bike24)
Spokes: SAPIM D-Light, black oxide
Spokes number: 32
Nipples: aluminum, black
Rim: Spank Subrosa EVO 30 AL
Rim width: 30mm
Rim height: 23.5mm
Hub: absoluteBlack Black Diamond
Color: hubs: black
spokes: black
nipples: black
rims: black
Purpose: Trail, AM, Enduro
Fitting for shifting: SRAM XD
Disc brake standard: IS 6 bolt
Valve hole: 6.5mm
Smallest sprocket: 10
Hub axle system: front: 15x100mm
rear: 12x142mm
Included in delivery: 1x fw with end caps for 15x100 mm
1x rw with end caps for 12x142 mm
Weight limit: 100kg rider weight
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