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Atlantic Bike Care Set

Atlantic Bike Care Set

Complete cleaner for powerful deep cleaning of the hole bike and all components. With these four products You are well prepared!

  • Complete Cleaner - 500ml spray bottle for powerful deep cleaning of the hole bike and all components
  • Chain Cleaner - 200 ml spray bottle for the thorough and gentle cleaning of the chain Radglanz for the shiny finish
  • Radglanz Bike Cleaner - 500ml spray bottle for the glossy finish of the varnish
  • Chain Lubricant with PTFE - 500ml spray can for the productive chain lubrication


Atlantic Complete Cleaner

Atlantic Complete Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent for the entire bike and all components. Dissolves and removes all types of heavy dirt. No Mercy to the dirt, gentle on your bike! Atlantic Complete Cleaner dissolves all types of heavy soiling. The special formula removes even chain lubricants residue-free. In many practical tests Atlantic complete cleaner has been the clear winner with the results "Easy handling", "Fastest application" and "Superior cleaning effect".

Chain Cleaner

Atlantic Chain Cleaner cleans the chain and removes deposits in one operation. The Chain Cleaner is merciless to dirt and gentle to the chain. Only these special formulation prevents increased washout of the individual chain links. Lubricant residues, oils, fats, resins and bonded dirt will be removed. The special cleaner minimizes attrition and extends the life of the chain. A chain cleaning device is not needed.

Radglanz - Bike Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, Atlantic Radglanz is the superior cult product of the bike scene. Millions of cyclists, professional bikers and bike workshops trust in Atlantic Radglanz on the daily basis. And this has been for generations. A high-technological recipe and the extra touch of love to bicycles make Atlantic Radglanz so unique.

Atlantic Radglanz cleans and protects all paint and metal parts, prevents rust and facilitates regular maintenance. It works in a single pass to displaces moisture and making a preservative gloss layer.

Chain Lubricant with PTFE

Atlantic Chain Grease with PTFE is a highly specialized lubricants for every area of the bicycle chain - in dry and wet conditions.


  • Extremely long lubrication intervals for the everyday driver
  • Pressure resistant under the toughest acceleration on the road bike
  • Productive and emplastic for mountain bikers in the field

The included Teflon particles form a thin protective film with lubrication properties. The friction is reduced in the long term to a minimum. Special polymers provide a very high wearout protection. Precise shifting and smooth running of the chain are guaranteed. Atlantic Chain Grease offers excellent creeping properties, good adhesion, and excellent corrosion protection.
Included in delivery: 500ml spray bottle Complete Cleaner
200ml spray bottle Chain Cleaner
500ml spray bottle Radglanz bike cleaner
150ml spray can chain lubricant

Fact Sheet of Atlantic Bike Care Set

Product Name: Atlantic Bike Care Set
Manufacturer: Atlantic
Item Code: ATL276248
activity: Cycling
care & clean application: Bike Cleaning, Chain Cleaning, Universal Care, Degreaser
care & clean product : Spray
content: 1350ml
Model year: 2022