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AXA Clinch Plus 85 Chain Lock

AXA Clinch Plus 85 Chain Lock

The Clinch Plus 85 is a qualitative chain to secure Your bike short- up to middle terms, or as a second lock. The Clinch Plus 85 comes in an excellent quality concerning cut resistance of its links, as they are made out of hardened steel. The lose padlock makes it very handy and the strong polyester sheath keeps the frame from damages. Chain made from 6mm steel.


  • Security level 8
  • Cutting resistance up to 35 kN.


  • PE hose over the chain and rubber cover over the lock to prevent damages to the vehicle.
  • Lush processed lock.


  • Link diameter: 6mm
  • Length: 85cm
  • Reversible key for easy handling.

Fact Sheet of AXA Clinch Plus 85 Chain Lock

Product Name: AXA Clinch Plus 85 Chain Lock
Manufacturer: AXA
Item Code: AXA289376
activity: Cycling
locking style: Key
lock version: Chain Locks
lock safety level: 8 / 15
Model year: 2021
Color: Black, Green, Pink
weight: 1090g
manufacturer item code: black: 59003295SS
green: 59003298SS
pink: 59003297SS
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Lock Length: 85cm
Manufacturer page: http://www.axasecurity.com/bike-security/de-de/