Sigma Sport ROX 7.0 GPS - Cycle Computer - white

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Description of Sigma Sport ROX 7.0 GPS - Cycle Computer - white

Plug`n Ride

Unpack, mount, ride! The ROX GPS 7.0 is easy to operate, yet equipped with high end features like GPS track navigation and barometric altitude measurement. You can even load and compete against your „favorite“ Strava segments. Create your own personal sport profiles to get the most out of every ride!


  • Challenge yourself!
    The live segments turn every ride into a race. The segments can be loaded onto the ROX GPS via the DATA CENTER. While riding, you have a live view of the fastest times and can compare them to your own performance.

    *KOM = King of Mountain = STRAVA best times *QOM = Queen of Mountain = STRAVA best times
  • GPS Track-Navigation
    Powered by GPS, the ROX GPS 7.0 offers outstanding route navigation along a prevviously loaded or saved route. New routes can also be created in the DATA CENTER. Five navigation functions and graph-based route map will guide you t your final destination. The navigation functions include "time to destination", "distance to destination", "off-route alarm", "waypoint alarm", and the "route view".
  • Waypoints
    The DATA CENTER can be used to set waypoints with individual information notices. When approaching a waypoint, the personal note appears on the display. The waypoint is also announced by an alarm.
  • Custom sport profiles
    Thanks to the three pre-configured training profiles, ("road bike", "mountain bike", "other") your training can begin the moment you take your ROX out of the box. Simply select a profile and start riding. Through the DATA CENTER, you can adjust profiles, or create your own. Custom settings include training views, automatic laps and automatic stops.
  • Trainings views
    Do you prefer more information at once, or do you prefer fewer, larger, easy to read functions? The new, customizable training views let you be in control of the ROX GPS 7.0
  • Share your story
    Plug’n play – The DATA CENTER makes it possible to quickly and conveniently transfer all settings to the ROX GPS 7.0 via micro USB. Training data can not only be collated and analyzed but also shared on several platforms such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, 2Peak, and Facebook.
  • Log capacity
    Up to 400 hrs of log capacity.

  • Button functions
    Top right:
    The top right button turns the ROX GPS 7.0 on and off. When the ROX GPS 7.0 is on, the top right button is now the "Enter" or "Start" button. Press the "Enter" to confirm selections within menus.
    Top left:
    The top left button is the "Stop" button when a training session is in progress. Within menus, the top left button is the "Back" button.
    Two bottom buttons:
    The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons increase or decrease values, navigate through menu items, or toggle between screens while training. To access the short menu while training, press and hold the bottom right button. Press both bottom button at the same time to activate the backlight.
  • Device/display size
    Height x width x depth: 73,5mm x 50 mm x 21,5mm
    Display: 1.7” full dot-matrix LCD with 160 x 128px
    Weight 61 g
  • ROX GPS Bracket
    ROX GPS 7.0 uses the redesigned ROX GPS bracket. The 1/4 turn style twist lock bracket fits handlebars or stems and is 20% samller than previous SIGMA mounts.
  • Full Dot Matrix Display
    The full dot-matrix display enables users to flexibly configure settings. Thanks to multiple tile size options, all text can be optimally shown on the display – whether in full sunlight or after dark with the backlight.
    The micro-USB port is used to quickly upload training data to the DATA CENTER as well as to charge the ROX GPS 7.0.
  • Battery life
    With a battery life of up to 13 hours, the ROX GPS 7.0 can handle your longest training rides.


Bike functions
  • Average cadence
  • Average expansion
  • Average expansion downhill
  • Average expansion uphill
  • Average speed
  • Calories (Speed based)
  • Date
  • Distance
  • Maximum speed
  • Speed
Altitude functions
  • Altitude
  • Altitude graph
  • Rate of ascent in m/min
  • Incline in %
Navigation functions
  • Drive direction
  • Distance to destination
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Time to destination
  • Track view
Lap functions
  • Average altitude in lap / automatic lap
  • Average downward slope in lap / automatic lap
  • Average incline in lap / automatic lap
  • Average rate of descent in lap / automatic lap
  • Average speed in lap / automatic lap
  • Calories in lap / automatic lap
  • Distance in lap / automatic lap
  • Elevation gain in lap / automatic lap
  • Elevation loss in lap / automatic lap
  • Maximum altitude in lap / automatic lap
  • Maximum speed in lap / automatic lap
  • Number of laps / automatic laps
  • Time in lap / automatic lap
  • Backlight
  • Barometric altitude measurement
  • Digital three-axis compass
  • Graphic data evaluation in the DATA CENTER
  • Sport profiles (incl. customizable training views)
  • Strava live segments
  • Up to 400 hrs of log capacity
  • Watertight in accordance with IPX7
  • Waypoints with custom text
Time functions
  • Time (12/24)
  • Duration
  • Training time
  • Date
Temperature functions
  • Temperature
  • Maximum temperature
  • Minimum temperature
Uphill funtions
  • Altitude uphill
  • Average incline uphill
  • Average rate of ascent
  • Average speed uphill
  • Distance uphill
  • Maximum rate of ascent
  • Training time uphill
Downhill functions
  • Altitude downhill
  • Average rate of descent
  • Average slope downhill
  • Average speed downhill
  • Distance downhill
  • Maximum slope downhill
  • Training time downhill
Status function
  • Battery capacity (in %)
  • GPS Accuracy
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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Fact Sheet of Sigma Sport ROX 7.0 GPS - Cycle Computer - white

Product Name: Sigma Sport ROX 7.0 GPS - Cycle Computer - white
Manufacturer: Sigma Sport
Item Code: SIG289863
Year: 2020
Weight: approx. 61 gram (Manufacturer's Spec)
Included in delivery:
  • ROX GPS 7.0
  • ROX GPS mount
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quickstart guide
Kind of functions: Bike, Altitude, Navigation, Lap functions, i.a.
Speciality: GPS, Uphill and Downhill Function, Barometric altitude measurement
Wireless: Yes
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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