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Compex TRIZONE Calf Compression Sleeve

Compex TRIZONE Calf Compression Sleeve

TRIZONE products combine 3 strategically placed compression zones with the supportive benefits of injected silicone bands to optimize athletes’ peak performance.

Low profile, compressive calf sleeve. Integrated silicone tapes provide targeted support close to the sports taping. Ergonomic design.

Features & Benefits of Compex TRIZONE Calf

  • A unique hybrid design combining the properties of compression and bracing in a single sleeve
  • The elastic knitted structure combined with the silicone bands allows for targeted zonal compression around the knee joint
  • Allnatural Carbonized Bamboo is thermal regulating and antibacterial helping eliminate odours
  • The Trizone Calf Sleeve is a low profile performance product designed to keep you moving
  • Three zones of compression strategically placed around the calf aid peak performance
  • Silicone bands integrated into the sleeve design offer targeted support similar to athletic taping
  • Multidirectional elastic knitted material ensures anatomical fit and helps evacuate moisture
  • Antislip technology prevents the brace from sliding
  • Reflectivity for increased visibility
  • Bilaterally applicable

The three distinct compression zones include:

  • A stability zone with strategically placed silicone bands provides support for the calf and enhances proprioception
  • A compression zone which improves circulation and provides mild support to the joint and surrounding muscles
  • A comfort zone with lighter compression for enhanced fit and motion

Size Guide
Measure the circumference around the center of the calf.

Size Calf
S 28 - 33 cm
M 33 - 38 cm
L 38 - 43 cm
XL 43 - 48 cm

Included in delivery: 1 calf sleeve (bilaterally applicable)

Material 40% polyester, 40% viscose, 20% elastane

Fact Sheet of Compex TRIZONE Calf Compression Sleeve

Product Name: Compex TRIZONE Calf Compression Sleeve
Manufacturer: Compex
Item Code: COM290215
Material: 40% polyester, 40% viscose, 20% elastane
activity: Run, Fitness
wrap / support version: Compression
supported body part: Calf
Model year: 2019
Color: Black
Manufacturer page: