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Ergon SFC3 Comp Gel MTB Saddle - black

Ergon SFC3 Comp Gel MTB Saddle - black

More fun while cycling! Ergon expands the saddle range for large new target groups around fitness bikes, e-bikes or sportive touring bikes. The saddles ensure effective relief of the perineum and genital area. Numbness is reduced and driving comfort is increased. The shape and position of the relief channel was optimized with the aid of many test persons using the latest pressure measurement techniques. The soft transitions to the seat surface prevent increased canopy pressure. The extra-large seating area reduces pressure peaks effectively and distributes the pressure optimally to the seat bones and pubic bones - even without bike pants. Flat seat for dynamic sitting in different positions without tilting effects - in contrast to step saddles - this ideally meets the requirements of a fitness cyclist.

Available in two saddle widths:
Small: Seat bones distance 9 - 12 cm
Large: Seat bones distance 12 - 15 cm

Features of the SFC3 Comp Gel MTB Saddle:

  • Large pressure distribution: Optimal pressure distribution in the area of the seat and pubic bones by a flat, even contact surface for the prevention of seat complaints.
  • Seat upholstery: Orthopedic comfort foam with gel pads offers increased support and best pressure distribution.
  • Seat surface: The particularly wide seat is matched to inclined to upright sitting positions - the typical body positions of a fitness cyclist.
  • Distinct relief channel: Relief channel for the prevention of complaints and numbness in the intestinal and genital area.
  • Nose: The narrow-cut nose provides the best possible leg-freedom when pedaling.

Cushioning: Foam ||| Gel
Material: Rails: Light FeC steel
Shell: Nylon Composite
Upper: Microfiber
Weight supplement: at size S)
ca. 390 Gramm (at size L)

Fact Sheet of Ergon SFC3 Comp Gel MTB Saddle - black

Product Name: Ergon SFC3 Comp Gel MTB Saddle - black
Manufacturer: Ergon
Item Code: ERG294990
activity: Cycling
gender: men, unisex
usage bikesport: Trekking, MTB
rail clamp style: round rails
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout, Gel Insert
Material saddle cover: Synthetic
Material saddle rails: Steel Alloy
saddle rail diamater: 7
saddle padding: with Padding
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 370g
manufacturer item code: 44020040 / 44020047
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Weighed Version: S
Manufacturer page: