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SQlab 611 Ergowave Active Saddle

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Description of SQlab 611 Ergowave Active Saddle

The 611 Ergowave active was precisely designed to accomodate the requirements of off-road cycling and perfectly meet the demands of All Mountain and Enduro use. The wave-like shape and raised rear section provides perfect rearward support and an optimal pressure distribution which reaches deep into the body structures resulting in improved power transmission. The lowered nose in combination with the dip provides optimal pressure relief for the perineal area. For an even better pressure relief, especially on long technical climbs, the saddle nose of the 611 was made approx. 4mm wider than that of the 612, but just as flat and with largest possible surface area. The padding was designed for the specific needs on the MTB with better dampening properties than the 612 making it perfect for rough off-road terrain. Additionally, a premium quality Kevlar material protects the saddle in the exposed places. The SQlab active technology allows the saddle to follow the biomechanical motion when pedalling resulting in increased comfort, mobilisation of the spinal discs and reduced pressure to the sitbones.

More about ERGOWAVE® ergonomics

    The correct width saddle is a prerequisite for maximum performance.
    Available widths: 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 cm
    The raised back section provides more rearward support and ensures efficient power transmission.
    The wave shaped ERGOWAVE® profile which contours from the rear to the front offers a perfect form-fit shape for most sitbones. The rider does not need to be seated in an inefficient and tiring sitting position and all energy can be used for forward propulsion.
    The level and lowered saddle nose applies less pressure to the sensitive areas of men and women alike.
    (UCI regulation: The average level of the saddle nose must lie no more than 1cm below the highest point of the saddle). We ask all road cyclists that take part in UCI governed events to mount the saddle such that the nose points up slightly. To all others: Enjoy the many advantages of the ergonomically perfect Ergowave®!
    Pelvis movement of up to 7° is made possible by the SQlab active Technology, which from a biomechanical point of view simulates the natural movement of walking and increases the efficiency of the pedalling motion. At the same time, the spinal discs are relieved and the pressure to the sitbones is reduced.
    The proven SQlab active technology has been adjusted for race and MTB applications and is now firmer. Available in three densities: soft/medium/hard
    The slight dip in the center of the saddle reduces pressure to the sensitive tissue areas of the perineum.
    The flat saddle nose has a slight curvature which provides maximum contact area providing and associated reduced pressure. This shape provides a narrow saddle nose which minimizes chafing on the inside of the thighs while pedalling. The SQlab MaxContact® concept has proven valuable in other race models over the years and has been improved for the new ERGOWAVE® models.


  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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  • Ratings (3)

Fact Sheet of SQlab 611 Ergowave Active Saddle

Product Name: SQlab 611 Ergowave Active Saddle
Manufacturer: SQlab
Item Code: SQL310989
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: MTB
rail clamp style: round rails
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout
saddle cover: Synthetic
saddle rails: Titanium
saddle padding: Foam
Model year: 2021
Color: Black
weight: 275g
Dangerous goods: no
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (3)
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  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (3)


(3 Ratings)
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Customer Reviews
The best saddle I have found, I own 2 and am thinking of buying another! Multiple 12 hour MTB rides are not a problem. Takes a bit of getting used to due to the rear bulge, but once you have it set up correctly it's brilliant
*Additional to my previous revue.
If cycling shorts with good pampers (I prefer Santic Panther Men Padded Cycling Shorts), this saddle very good choice, useble for about 30-50 km distance, at least - but only if torso tilt about ~30° (±10°) to horizontal.
Suitable well ONLY for strong body tilt, and ONLY for short distance.
I was passed 20 km (half ground and second half with aerobar on highway), and my buttocks get screamed: this saddle's hollow doesn't works! And it's too hard saddle. Was choosed by size, according to the instructions, for a middle body tilt (my sit bones 12,5 cm, and I choosed 15 cm wide; my weight 67 kg, by the way); but it turned out that it is much better suited for a strong tilt of the body (about 25-30° from horizon, I think - when I use aerobar) - nevertheless, in this case, after not too long time, discomfort also begins to be felt. It is out of the question to travel a long distance with this seddle (if you don't want self-torture, of couse).
N.B. The tilt of the saddle was adjusted for the mid-position of the torso.

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