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Amplifi Cortex Polymer Grom Protector Kids - multi

Amplifi Cortex Polymer Grom Protector Kids - multi

Lightweight, Full-Flex SAS TEC protector for kids with multi impact characteristics.


  • integrated protector-pack construction
  • breathable, bi-directional harness construction
  • YKK zipper
  • Material: air mesh, power webbing


All new this year is the Cortex Polymer protection series, integrating the best that German protection engineering has to offer, and delivering riders super-light, flexible and breathable protectors with unique features. SAS-TEC protector panels are seamlessly integrated into our custom made fitted jackets – designed by our crack development team from the ground up for comfort, breathability and maximum protection.

Built tough with viscoelastic protection designed in Germany, the Cortex Polymer Series is the last word in high performance protectors that are: Lightweight, multi-impact compliant and flexes perfectly in unison with your muscular skeletal system, no matter what your riding position.

Amplifi uses best fabrics, integrating strategically placed odour-reducing panels made from bamboo charcoal fabric. The innovative patterns and four way stretch fabric make sure you feel comfy when riding, no matter what the weather. More comfort = less fatigue = longer rides = more fun!

AMPLIFI x SAS-TEC is real tech

Tested in the toughest conditions – SAS-TEC are continuing to set the standard in protective materials. Not content with a “plug-and-play” approach, AMPLIFI has created a unique seamless design – integrating the protector for absolute comfort, incredible weight savings, and distinctive low profile shape – keeping it close to your body for safety and confidence.

Quick Twitch memory: Protectors are made so that any deformation due to impact or stress recovers quickly. Your protector will have recovered from any impact quicker than you can get back on your bike!

Multi-Impact compliant: Unlike many other lightweight dampening materials, impacts do not destroy the protector even when the same area is affected repeatedly. Get up, dust yourself off and keep riding….

Lightweight: The unique properties of the viscoelastic foam mean that it’s considerably lighter than hard shell and silicone protectors. It’s like riding with a second skin.

Adaptive absorption: The viscoelastic foam contains tiny cells full of air, providing progressive absorption. This means that when subjected to sudden impact – such as when you fall off your bike – the resistance of the foam increases relative to this impact: Meaning dampening is accelerated and protection is increased.

This adaptive absorption also means that the protector is equally adapt at protecting you against smaller impacts, that may not injure – but create discomfort and fatigue. Hard shell protectors overcome this with a thin layer of foam under the protective parts, but this is soft and not able to absorb energy. The viscoelastic foam used in our Cortex Polymer Series is comfortable, and reduces fatigue – ride longer, ride harder, have more fun.

Humidity resistant: The air contained within SAS-TEC viscoelastic foam protectors is a key component to its protective qualities. However, unlike regular open and closed cell foams – the SAS-TEC protectors are extremely resistant to water (less than 1% absorption). You could submerge the protector in a bath for a day and still have zero take up of water. This means that you’re fully protected, no matter how wet you are from rain or sweat.

Size Chart
Size XS S
Height in cm 100-120 110-130

Material 47% elastane, 35% polyamide, 15% polyester, 3% acetate

Fact Sheet of Amplifi Cortex Polymer Grom Protector Kids - multi

Product Name: Amplifi Cortex Polymer Grom Protector Kids - multi
Manufacturer: Amplifi
Item Code: AMP311873
Material: 47% elastane, 35% polyamide, 15% polyester, 3% acetate
activity: Cycling
gender: kids
protected zone: Back
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Multicolored
weight: 240g