VDO M6.1 WL Cycle Computer incl. D3 Speed Sensor

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Description of VDO M6.1 WL Cycle Computer incl. D3 Speed Sensor

The VDO M6.1 is an all-rounder in compact design. It is a wireless cycling computer, which combines all the technical innovations of the VDO M series. For example average speed, ride time, total distance, time and temperature, as well as extensive height measurement, data storage during battery replacement, auto start-stop function, sleep mode and full text display. Thanks to its built-in memory, the data of up to 10 trips can recorded and retrieved. Digital radio transmission and automatic pairing of the M6 enable interference-free transmission and simple handling.

Thanks to its precise barometric altitude measurement function the VDO M6.1 can record all the important functions of height. A special plus is the graphical representation of the height profile of the current tour on the display. It provides a wide range of elevation data: current and maximum height, current, maximum and average slope, altitude and distance uphill and downhill, maximum and average gradient, as well as annual hight meters (total/uphill/downhill), annual distance (uphill/downhill) and maximum annual height meters, respectively, for bike 1 and bike 2. The large, easy to read display can also show the graphical course of the height profile. Altimeter calibration either by entering the current level, or the barometric pressure.

Because of the D3 sensor, the VDO M6 is expandable with an optional cadence and/or heart rate transmitter. If both heart and cadence are enabled, the values are displayed simultaneously on the display. The optional heart rate function of the VDO M6.1 displays the current, maximum and average heart rate as a percentage and as a graphic version and can be analyzed during the ride. Over the pulse data the calories will be calculated and summed in the statistics as annual total value for bike 1 and bike 2. The optional cadence function extends the functionality of the M6 to display the current, maximum and average cadence.

The VDO M6.1 works with a digital wireless transmission for the speed measurement, which is optionally expandable also for heart rate and cadence.

Bike functions:
  • current speed
  • ride time
  • average speed
  • current distance
  • maximum speed
  • part-time counter (manual stopwatch, counts only when driving)
  • part-time distance counter (counts distance in the part-time)
  • roadbook counter, 2nd trip counter, forward-/backward counting, adjustable
  • clock (12/24 hour mode with am/pm display)
  • Current temperature
  • total ride time for bike 1
  • total ride time for bike 2
  • total distance
  • total ride time bike 1
  • total ride time bike 2
  • total ride time
  • permanent comparison between average and actual speed (indicator arrows)

Altitude functions
  • Altitude graph
  • Current altitude
  • Current gradient
  • Altitude gain
  • Distance uphill
  • Maximum altitude
  • Average gradient uphill
  • Maximum gradient uphill
  • Altitude loss
  • Distance downhill
  • Average gradient downhill
  • Maximum gradient downhill
  • Year altitude gain bike 1
  • Year altitude gain bike 2
  • Year altitude gain total
  • Year altitude loss bike 1
  • Year altitude loss bike 2
  • Year altitude loss total
  • Maximum altitude with bike 1
  • Maximum altitude with bike 2
  • Total distance uphill bike 1
  • Total distance uphill bike 2
  • Total distance uphill
  • Total distance downhill bike 1
  • Total distance downhill bike 2
  • Total distance downhill

Cadence functions with activated cadence option
  • current cadence
  • average cadence
  • maximum cadence

Heart rate functions with heart rate option acitivated
  • Current heart rate
  • Average heart rate
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Calorie burn
  • Heart rate as % of the personal HR max.
  • Training time below, in and above the selected training zone
  • Heart rate intensity zones graph (distribution across intensity zones)
  • Heart rate progression graph
  • Heart rate zone graph
  • Total calories burnt with bike 1
  • Total calories burnt with bike 2
  • Total calories burnt
Additional features:
  • D3 triple wireless transmission for speed, heart rate and cadence
  • Trip data logging in 5-second intervals
  • Log time of up to 280 hours
  • Log warning when remaining logging time is less than 3 hours
  • Log deletion possible on M6.1
  • Log view: trip data summary can be viewed on the M6.1
  • PC converter software generates a Fit file format for data exchange, e.g. with Strava and other portals
  • Full text display in DE/EN/FR/IT/ES/NL
  • Graphical display
  • Large speed indicator
  • Current altitude permanently on the display
  • Current heart rate permanently on the display (with heart rate option activated)
  • Current cadence permanently on the display (with cadence option activated)
  • Speed indication in 0.2 kmh/mph increments
  • Two different start altitudes to be selected
  • Calibration via altitude or sea level pressure
  • Automatic altitude correction during transport
  • Data storage during battery change (data and settings)
  • Low battery indicator for computer
  • Low battery indicator for speed, heart rate and cadence transmitters
  • Backlit display
  • Three selectable heart rate training zones FIT/FAT/OWN
  • Four configurable heart rate intensity zones
  • Suitable for use with two bikes, separate data memory for each bike
  • Wheelsize configurable via wheel circumference or integrated tyre table
  • Display sleep mode after a five-minute break
  • Auto start/stop when setting off after a break
  • Twist-click bracket for handlebar or stem mounting

Dimensions and performance:
  • device dimensions, Approx. 55 H x 45 W x 16 D mm
  • display size, B x H: 2,9 x 3,9 cm
  • weight: 30g
  • battery computer: 3V, CR2450
  • computer battery life: approx. 1 year (ca. 10.000km (6.000mi)
  • battery transmitter: 3V, CR2032
  • Transmitter battery life: approx. 1 year (ca. 10.000km (6.000mi)
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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Fact Sheet of VDO M6.1 WL Cycle Computer incl. D3 Speed Sensor

Product Name: VDO M6.1 WL Cycle Computer incl. D3 Speed Sensor
Manufacturer: VDO
Item Code: VDO318137
Year: 2019
Manufacturer item code: 30060
Included in delivery: VDO M6.1 computer (incl. battery), D3 speed sensor (incl. battery), handlebar bracket, spoke magnet, mounting equipment, quick-start instruction manual
Color: white/black
Number of functions: 17 bike functions, 26 altitude functions, 12 heart rate functions, 3 cadence functions
Kind of functions: speed measurement, optional cadence measurement and heart rate measurement
Wireless: Yes
Manufacturer page: http://www.cycleparts.de
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Ratings (1)


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Customer Reviews
26000 kms of ride with it with no problem.
The 2450 battery is big plus and you don t have to i change it every 3 months (lasts a full 18 MKms year)
Easy to set up. And the mean averge exponential climbi gradient algorythm is ok. (Needs maybe extra 10 meters to reclculate the gradient but at least the info displayed is reliable.)
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