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Handbuch Functional Training

Handbuch Functional Training

Discover functional training like you've never seen or experienced before. This workout is easy, fast, fun and it will improve your health and fitness.

Functional training is a scientific method of training that can be used anywhere, whether at home, outdoors, or in the gym. The book is divided into three parts:
First, the theoretical part clarifies the basics of functional training. In the second, practical part you will find exercises with your own body weight as well as with different equipment (such as sandbag, medicine ball, kettlebells). In the final part, specific training programs are presented for certain goals, such as increasing strength, building muscle or reducing weight.

2nd revised edition - 19,6 x 25,4 cm - 657 photos, color - 26 illustrations, color, language German

Fact Sheet of Handbuch Functional Training

Product Name: Handbuch Functional Training
Manufacturer: Meyer & Meyer Sportverlag
Item Code: MSV321915
activity: Fitness
book version: guidebook
ISBN: 978-3-8403-7555-2
publication date: 13.03.2017
number of pages: 512
author / publisher: Guido Bruscia
publishing house: Meyer & Meyer Verlag
paperback / hardback: Paperback
book theme: Training
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