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Bikeline Bike Tour Books - Donau-Radweg

Bikeline Bike Tour Books - Donau-Radweg

Bikeline cycle tour books in practical landscape format with protected spiral binding - including tour tips, information on gradients, route length, overnight accommodations, information on traffic loads and surface conditions.

  • Danube Cycle Route 1: German Danube. From Donaueschingen to Passau | 160 pages, 1:50000, length: 590 km, ISBN: 978-3-85000-624-8
  • Danube Cycle Route 2: Austrian Danube. From Passau to Vienna | 200 pages, 1:50000, length: 330 km, ISBN: 978-3-85000-470-1
  • Danube Cycle Route 3: Slovak and Hungarian Danube. From Vienna to Budapest | 140 pages, 1:750000, length: 334 km, ISBN: 978-3-85000-625-5
  • Danube Cycle Route 4: Hungary, Croatia, Serbia. From Budapest to Belgrade | 132 pages, 1:750000, length: 570 km, ISBN: 978-3-85000-424-4
  • Danube Cycle Route 5: Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria. From Belgrade to the Black Sea | 200 pages, 1:100000, length: 1400 km, ISBN: 978-3-85000-446-6

Language German

Fact Sheet of Bikeline Bike Tour Books - Donau-Radweg

Product Name: Bikeline Bike Tour Books - Donau-Radweg
Manufacturer: Verlag Esterbauer
Item Code: EST102149
activity: Cycling
publishing house: Verlag Esterbauer GmbH
maps edition: Bikeline
book theme: bike travelling
countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Slovenia/Croatia
Manufacturer page: http://www.esterbauer.com