FSA Powerbox MTB Carbon Modular 2X BB392EVO MTB Crankset 2x10/11-speed - 36/24 Teeth

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Description of FSA Powerbox MTB Carbon Modular 2X BB392EVO MTB Crankset 2x10/11-speed - 36/24 Teeth

The FSA PowerBox MTB Carbon Modular 2X BB392EVO Powermeter crank was developed in conjunction with respected German brand power2max® integrating cutting-edge technology into crank arms and chainrings. So the powermeter measures precisely power output before transmitting that information via ANT+ to a compatible bike computer (not included).*

The FSA Powerbox MTB Carbon Modular 2X BB392EVO crank is designed according to a fully-modular system, meaning that any rider or mechanic can easily, quickly and safely swap out the spider or chainring. This version comes with 36/24 teeth, 96/68 mm BCD chainrings. Compatibility with all current and future standards mean that the flexibility – and value – of FSA’s modular cranks is unparalleled and the benefits can be shared by all riders, future-proofing your ride. FSA Modular cranks are compatible with FSA Direct Mount II or BCD 96/68 mm standard.

Please note: All components have mounted with the recommend torque to avoid possibly damage or a decalibration.

Furthermore this MTB crankset is featuring super-light but also strong hollow carbon arms and a 30 mm BB392EVO forged aluminium spindle. The innovative BB392EVO spindle ensures a reliable power transmission and a wide frame compatibility.

The No Pinch Bolt design on the left-hand crankarm makes fitting easier and looks cleaner. An important part of this crank are the CNC-machined 7075/T6 aluminium chainrings. The crank arms have UD carbon finish with neutral graphics.

Training with FSA Powerbox cranksets

The powermeter delivers the information but what can you do with it? Well, similar to training by heart rate, training by power is maximised via zones. But before you can set training zones, you need a baseline figure. There are many tests out there but one of the most common and reputable is the submaximal ramp test that should be repeated every four weeks to measure progress.

Warm up for 5 mins at 50 to 60 rpm (you can check your cadence on your bike computer). Then pedal in a seated position for 1 min at the starting power – this is around 55 W for newbies and 100 W for more experienced cyclists. After a minute, increase power by 15 W. Keep increasing by 15 W each minute until you can’t talk. Now stop. This is assumed to be around 85 % of your maximum heart rate. Take note of the power output. Add 60 W and this gives you your maximum minute power (MMP).

This figure is important because you can now plan your training zones. These are based on your MMP figure. You can find these in great detail elsewhere but, broadly speaking, there are seven training zones designed to stimulate certain physiological adaptations depending on the time of year. For instance, the recovery zone is when you ride at below 35 % MMP and are able to hold a conversation. These rides should last less than an hour. Next is the "base zone" at around 35 to 45 % MMP. These rides can be anywhere between 90 mins to 4 hours and are great for burning fat and building aerobic capacity. These stretch up to the seventh zone – supramaximal – which is more than 100 % MMP and involves very short intervals. You’ll find these extremely stressful to build speed.

Once you’ve set your training zones, you’re now in place to plan your training day, week and month. For this, online software like Training Peaks is pretty good. TP will also give you a fatigue rating to ensure you don’t overtrain.

* Power output measuring on both your left and right leg and data transmission via Bluetooth after optional system upgrade possible (consumer in-app purchase).
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Fact Sheet of FSA Powerbox MTB Carbon Modular 2X BB392EVO MTB Crankset 2x10/11-speed - 36/24 Teeth

Product Name: FSA Powerbox MTB Carbon Modular 2X BB392EVO MTB Crankset 2x10/11-speed - 36/24 Teeth
Manufacturer: FSA
Item Code: FSA326795
Year: 2020
Material: crankarms: hollow carbon
chainring: 7075 T6 aluminium
chainring bolts: chromoly steel
BB392EVO hollow axle: forged 7050 aluminium
Weight: approx. 485 gram (without bottom bracket, manufacturer information)
Crank length in mm: 170 ||| 175
Color: black
Chainwheel, number of teeth: 36/24 teeth
Fitting for derailleur: 10-speed ||| 11-speed
Axle profile: 30mm Hollow Shaft
Bolt Circle in mm: 96/68 mm, 4-arm
Q-Factor: 170mm
Included in delivery: without bottom bracket
Manufacturer page: http://www.fullspeedahead.com/
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Still 1 in stock in stock, delivery time 11-13 days Crank arm length 175 mm
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