Campagnolo H11 Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 11-speed

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Description of Campagnolo H11 Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 11-speed

The Campagnolo performance standard is now available for hydraulic disc brakes. The high-end solution of Campagnolo disc brake systems goes by the name of H11 and comes complete with a sophisticated carbon fiber brake lever. It contains Ultra-Shift™ internals specifically designed for 11-speed mechanical rear derailleurs.
Great controls must be connected to equally potent and reliable brakes to offer fantastic performance. The forged aluminum Campagnolo disc brake calipers are available in a flat mount configuration meticulously studied to be perfectly compatible with all flat mount frames and forks currently available.

The delivery includes a right, mechanical 11-speed Campagnolo H11 Ergopower Brake-Shift-Control and a hydraulic Flat Mount rear brake caliper for 140 or 160 mm disc. The brake system comes unfilled, in individual parts.

Campagnolo H11 Ergopower Controls

The design of the disc brake Ergopower body was slightly enlarged (additional 8 mm height, compared with 2015 EP Controls) in order to hold the master cylinder and, mostly, to improve the upper part handling of the hydraulic Ergo Power body. This feature has been appreciated a lot by pro-riders.

The brake lever was optimized for easier braking with hands on the drops thanks to its outward orientation just in the lower part which follows the outward bend of the handlebar drops.
Furthermore it offers crisp braking in any hazardous situation because of a double curve shape. (External profile is changed just a little).

AMS Adjustment (Adjustable Modulation System)
Two positions that allow to set the rider favorite free stroke.

Reach adjustment
Micro adjustment that allows generally to change the initial position of the braking lever for each hand size till 16 mm. Furthermore AMS allows a different position of 9 mm, adding it to the reach you have 25 mm of total adjustment.

Shifting performance
The shifting performance of the Campagnolo H11 Ergopower controls is top of the line thanks to the UltraShift. The Ultra-Shift™ Ergopowers are regarded by everyone as one of the fastest and most precise mechanical controls. Ultra-Shift™ patented system allows you to move the chain simultaneously up 3 sprockets and then 5 down. Furthermore, the lever design allows for an ever lighter shifting, whilst maintaining the "click" sound featured on all Campagnolo® controls.

Easy Maintenance
For Campagnolo hydraulic Ergopower Controls you can use standard allen keys to adjust the positions of the levers -2.5 mm to adjust the AMS System (free stroke); 2.5 mm to adjust the Reach of the braking lever; 1,5 mm to adjust the Reach of the upshifting lever to allow smooth movement of the lever.

The hydraulic master cylinder has been developed to match all Campagnolo calipers guaranteeing the maximum braking performances. The design of the hydraulic part allows an easy maintenance and a fast replacement of the master cylinder. The bleeding port on the top of the ErgoPower allows an easier and safer bleeding operation.

Campagnolo H11 Calipers

The Campagnolo disc brake calipers are fully compatible with the latest disc brake frames with flat mounts. The calipers are forged from aluminium and come with a matt black finish.
Easy hose fixing system in the calipers thanks to the pre-assembled needle. Wide 22 mm pistons to offer the same brake performance in every caliper size. The pistons consist of phenolic resin for thermal insulation and lightness. Featuring an integrated magnetic spring within the pistons. No springs between the two pads to allow a faster pad replacement.
Pads, bleeding port, screws and nuts are the same as well as in the front and the rear caliper. The same guaranteed distance 0.4 - 0.6 mm roll-back) between pads and rotor of the highest one in the market. This allows to avoid the mutual contact between pads and rotor.

Removing the pads you can immediately understand if you need to replace them. The replacement is needed when the thickness of the compound reaches the wear indicator (1,5 mm)
Chamfered bottoms allow for easier wheel replacement because the rotor is helped from the pads shapes when entering in the caliper A metal sheet damps the vibrations coming from the braking phase. Semi-metallic formulation tuning provide the use in dry and wet condition without compromises.

Campagnolo disc brake calipers are suitable on all Flat Mount forks and frames. Thanks to this standard the assembly is allowed without converters or adapters!
While the caliper is assembled directly on the fork, increasing a lot the stiffness of the complete system. This is the ideal configuration for racing.
The Campagnolo solution needs only 2 bolts for assembling the caliper on the fork. This allows to leave out the two bolts that you can’t inspect.
Brake caliper: Flatmount
Brake fluid: Mineral oil
Braking pads: organic
Included in delivery: right H11 Ergopower shift-/brake-control + rear brake caliper
incl. shifting cable and brake hose
without brake disc
Manufacturer item code: EP18-HPDRR4 (for 140 mm brake discs)
EP18-HPDRR6 (for 160 mm brake discs)
Material: body: composite, lever: carbon, brake caliper: aluminium
Weight supplement: ± 5%, manufacturer information
  • Description
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  • Ratings (2)

Fact Sheet of Campagnolo H11 Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 11-speed

Product Name: Campagnolo H11 Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 11-speed
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM329889
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: Road Bike
shifting system: 11-speed
brake actuation: hydraulic
disc brake version: Rear Wheel
brake caliper: Flatmount
Model year: 2018
Color: Black
weight: 349g
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (2)
Selection: Campagnolo H11 Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 11-speed
Still 10+ in stock in stock, delivery time 2-3 weeks Brake Caliper Version for 160 mm brake discs
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (2)


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Im November 2019 gekauft, in den Weihnachtsferien montiert, jetzt auf fünf Ausfahrten 130 km und ca. 4500 hm gefahren. Die Schaltleistung in Verbindung mit der mechanischen Record HO ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Die Bremsleistung ist topp! Sehr gut dosierbar, kein Quietschen und Schleifen, von Anfang an RUHE!! nach 50 Km Einbremsen einmal nachjustiert und gut... das ist Campa! Kein Vergleich mit der Ultegra 8000 Gruppe, die vorher am Rad war... bin ich froh, dass ich auf Campa gewechselt bin!
Die bremsen sind nicht gefüllt, muss mann auch die Entüftungskit UND Öl separat kaufen. Schrauben für die Bremssattel fehlen auch (es gibt mehrere variant). Sehr sparsam Lieferumfang, dafür faires Preis, und wenn einmal montiert, funktioniert sehr gut. Die Bremsleitung ist sehr einfach in die Rahmen zu führen (aber auch nur mit Campagnolo Schaltkabel...).
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